First Kiss Friday – Trancing the Tiger by Rachael Slate

Today’s First Kiss Friday featured guest is Rachael Slate, author of fantasy romance Trancing the Tiger.  Welcome Rachael!  Here’s the first kiss between Sheng and Lucy.

untitled (40)Need to touch her.

Before he could stop the urge, his fingers stretched out to stroke her cheek. She tensed, but allowed the caress. Fuck, yeah.

He edged forward, careful to keep Tiger leashed, but refusing to give in before he’d gotten what he needed.

Then the damn elevator door dinged.

He glared at the sliding doors, Tiger chuffing. Snatching her hand, Sheng dragged her across the corridor to her door. She fumbled in her purse for her keycard. He snagged it from her hand and punched the card into the lock.

He nudged her through and the door groaned at being roughly shoved. Slamming it behind them with his foot, he whirled her around, bracing her back against the door.

Now, I’m going to kiss you.” The warning resounded with a deep rumble in his chest. He didn’t give her a chance to respond as his mouth fell upon hers. Lucy’s sweet lips parted on a gasp, and he took advantage of her surprise to slip his tongue inside. She tasted like nectar, honeyed and luscious. Addictive.

He hardened instantly. She clutched his shoulders, a feminine whimper escaping her. He gripped her slender throat, holding her steady while he claimed her mouth, unleashing the hunger he’d suppressed since the second he’d first laid eyes on her. Sucking, thrusting, nipping, and delving.

Once he’d kissed her, she’d damn well know she was his.

His hips rocked against her soft warmth, his balls drawing up tight as she lifted her leg, cushioning him between her thighs. Fuck, he wanted to fuck her. This instant. Her flaring heat enveloped him, making his cock pulse in near-painful throbs.

He’d never desired any woman so badly. Never been so tempted by what he couldn’t, shouldn’t have.

Kissing her, alone, proved a huge mistake.

The best mistake of his life.

He released her throat and gripped her plush ass instead, lifting her to better grind against her. Her moans deepened, driving him to the edge.

He could get off with her. Just like this. Hell, he would, if he didn’t stop soon. So bloody satisfying. Every cell in his body burned for this woman. A passionate inferno that kissing her enraged, rather than pacified.

Damn, he was lost.


Lucy clung to Sheng’s broad shoulders, an anchor in this stormy sea of lust. The last thing she’d anticipated was for him to kiss her. Now that he was, she prayed he’d never stop. He kissed like he fought. Hard. Rough. Demanding. Absolutely every inch of him in command.

Her panties dampened from the friction of his shaft rubbing against her sex. Could he sense how wet she was? How needy?

Not a doubt in her mind remained that he was a skilled lover. He moved with far too much purpose to be anything less than masterful in bed.

Everything I’m not.

She cringed as her brain reminded her body she’d never done this, while he obviously took women to bed left and right. No way would his hands and mouth be this skilled otherwise.

Another moan echoed from deep in her throat as his lips left hers in order to seek out the hardened peak of her right breast. A talented swirl of his tongue. A teasing lick and pull. The careful grazing of his teeth.

Every action of his sealed her theory. Sheng was as sensual as he was strong.

“Ah, fuck, Lucy.” He ground his hips against hers, pushing the thick ridge of his erection into her core, hindered by the barrier of their clothes.

Abruptly, he pulled back from her breast, raising his head of thick, silky locks to stare into her eyes. “I want to fuck you. Right here, right now.”






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