Frightening First Kiss Friday – And Richer by Jackie Ivie

This week, I’m featuring the second Frightening First Kiss from And Richer from the Vampire Assassin League by Jackie Ivie!  Welcome, Jackie!  Here’s the first kiss between Nigel Beethan and Mandy Robes.  Enjoy!


Her heart thumped oddly. Her breath caught. A quiver went through her lower belly. Her thighs even trembled. She snuck a peek toward him again. Nigel was really handsome, actually. And he looked pretty intense with his jaw jutting forward and his unbelievably blue eyes fixated on her. As it raced down her arms, a shiver added to her problems. She rubbed them while working at stifling all the other reactions. This was really odd. She couldn’t be feeling anything for Nigel. He was a stranger. This was so unlike her.

She was getting turned on by the guy she’d promised to stay with because he was an invalid and injured, and needed her help? That was unconscionable. Probably against several medical codes. She didn’t even have a good reason. Just because it was the middle of the night? Lame excuse. She must have drunk a little too much Spritz Veneziano? Complete fallacy. Was it because he was such a great listener?

“I hope you aren’t upset,” Mandy offered when Nigel just sat there regarding her without even blinking.

“I’m…safe?” he asked.

Mandy’s eyes widened slightly. She twisted her fingers together. “It wasn’t a bad break-up, okay? It was actually a mutual thing. We ended it. He went his way. I went mine.”

“Is he out of his mind?”


“Your ex.”

“You’re so sweet to say so. But everyone actually…thinks he dumped me.”


“He’s really handsome. Truly. I fell for his looks…but they can only go so far. You know? He’s just lacking…something. We just—. It’s just—. I don’t know. Some people are just not meant to be together. Do you know what I mean?”


His voice had lowered. The name resonated through the enclosure, adding to the weird sensation about them. The air had gotten electrically charged, becoming a physical presence that held weight, scent, and heat. Each breath contained a hint of spice. Musk. He lifted his arms, put his hands behind his head, and unfastened his mask. His arms came away. The mask dropped. Her mouth opened, but nothing came out. Except a gasp.

He looked so much like Paul Henry they could be twins.

“Who are you?”

“I told you my name. Nigel. Nigel…Beethan.”

“Nigel Beethan,” she repeated uncomprehendingly.

“Paul Henry is…a relation of mine. A close one. But he is not your mate, Mandy. I am.”

“M-mate?” Comprehension was elusive. The word had too much significance. It sent a wave of reaction along her skin.

“And safe is not a word I would apply to anything at the moment.”

He smiled. Light reflected off wicked looking spikes where his canine teeth should be. White. Sharp. Mandy’s heart did a huge leap. A lump formed in her throat, pounding in rhythm with each heartbeat. Making it difficult to swallow. Vocalize anything. Breathe. She should be shocked. Horrified. Frightened. Anything other than intrigued. Rapt. Absolutely fascinated.

“You have…fangs.” The lump shifted in her throat as she whispered it. Paining.

“I know. I am a vampire, my love.”


“Feeling unsafe yet?”

Nigel loomed larger somehow, yanking his shoulders and arms free of his shirt as he moved. He tore the bandage away from his ribcage. And despite what she’d just been told, she was surprised at the clear, undamaged flesh he displayed. And then impressed at the shadow of a six pack. Nigel was lean, but it didn’t detract from a masculine physique. Her eyes hungered, and then her body reacted. Another Mandy took over. One with no qualms about lust and passion, and sexuality.

A heavy guitar riff started up from somewhere. The musician played exactly as she’d always aspired to. Loud bass tones bled into crystal-shattering high notes. The performance was masterful. The ability on the strings, pure magic. The sound hard. The cadence addictive. The scale movement rapid and massive. Sound reverberated through the chamber, dragging her pulse into rhythm with it.

Mandy arched back onto her elbows, her crossed legs eased open as they lowered. Her head went back as she inhaled for breath. The obstruction in her throat eased, dropping to join the pulsation encompassing her lower belly. Upper thighs. Loins. The nightgown had felt insubstantial when she’d donned it. Embarrassingly so. Now, it felt restrictive and cumbersome. She pulled at the neckline, lowering it to her upper arms as Nigel came back into view. His arm hooked about her waist, lifting her against him. They connected…

And the night erupted.

An invisible pressure wave pulsed through the chamber, muting the electric guitar music, blowing out several candles, causing all sorts of furnishings to rattle and crash. It bounced off the walls and returned with a vengeance. Mandy clung to him as something imperceptible rushed past, tossing her hair. Brushing across her skin. Making her gown ruffle. Her arms enwrapped his torso. She shoved upwards, lifting off the mattress. Getting as close as possible. Her breasts crushed against his pecs. Her belly slammed into his. And her legs wrapped about his hips, bringing everything in contact. Nigel might be lean, but he was hard. Everywhere. And substantial. Totally male. And infinitely dangerous.

Sinfully so.

“You are mine, Mandy Robes.”

“Yes,” she replied.

“And I am going to kiss you.”

He put his lips to one of her upper arms; slid his tongue along her shoulder to her throat. The skin singed. And then iced. Mandy squealed. He chuckled. Her body trembled with it. She clutched him tighter. The mattress swayed. His hold drew her even closer. He’d reached her neck, then the area just below an ear. And then he started talking, turning everything into a mass of shivery reaction.

“We are going to mate, my love. You and me,” he whispered against her skin.

“Oh, my…yes!” she cried.

“Be forewarned. Things may happen. Dark. Risky things. “

“No. I mean, yes. Yes! Oh, Nigel…yes!”

Mandy turned her head and slammed her lips to his. And everything went to a screeching halt. Lights extinguished, plunging them into darkness. The heavy metal guitar riff stopped, leaving a vacuum of sound. Their breaths stopped. Heartbeats ceased. Then Nigel groaned, moved his mouth on hers, and everything started up again. The guitar music resumed, added now with a wealth of drum rolls. Quick-paced. Intent. The scent of spice and musk grew stronger. A sharp pain touched her inner lip…and absolute wonder ensued. Light burst through her vision. Bright. Inexorable. It illuminated a vista of ocean. Clouds. Sky. And all from behind closed eyelids.

She’d never experienced anything so massive. Tasted anything so exquisite. Felt anything so intense. And the immediate craving was for more. Legions more. She was on fire for it. Nigel seemed to know. He broke the kiss, and plunged his fangs into her throat. Sucking. Fulfilling. And making the entire room start to rotate.

Tingling overtook her, moistening. Desiring. Her loins were alive with little sparks that struck continuously as if trying to ignite. Match to flame. Fire to inferno. Mandy ran her hands along his back. Grabbed for his shoulders.



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