Gawyn, hero’s brother from Angel’s Assassin!

Angel's Assassin by Laurel O'DonnellI know how that Prologue looks.  Like I didn’t care about Damien.  But you have to understand that I was 17 years old then.  And I was frightened. 

I’m Gawyn, Damien’s brother.  When I was on that slave ship, when I was running for my life, I promised Damien that I would be back for him.  And I meant it.  But when I found him after he was sold to Roke, he had no desire to forgive me.  And he wanted nothing to do with me.  I can’t blame him. 

There isn’t a day goes by I don’t wish I had that day to do over again.  I would stay.  I would have fought that monster Otis.  I would have helped Damien.  I would have…  done so many things differently.  Instead, I left him on that ship to be whipped.

Later, after I found him in Roke’s servitude, I vowed I would help him be free.  I wouldn’t leave him again.  I would make sure he was as free as I was.  I trailed him as he completed missions for Roke.  I watched him as he emotionlessly killed.  An assassin.  He was no longer the little brother I remembered.  He was skilled and deadly.

But I saw him change when he was around Lady Aurora.  At first I thought it was just that she was so beautiful.  But it went beyond that.  He didn’t even see his transformation, but he became a different man when she was near him.  It was like…like she brought out something in him, something good and heroic.  I was amazed.  And I realized he loved her.

I’m glad they ended up together.  And I’m glad that Damien forgave me.  But mostly, I’m glad he got everything he ever wanted.  His freedom, his woman and his redemption.


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