It’s Here! New Year’s Blog Hop!

Everyone makes New Year’s resolutions.  It’s a new start.  A new year.  A new beginning.

This year, I’m doing something different.  Instead of resolutions, I’m going to set goals.  Expectations.  For myself.

Here’s a few: the next installment of my Lost Souls series will be out.  Another medieval novel.

Those are general goals.  Then there will be more time specific goals.  What will my goals be for the week?  For tomorrow?  I’ll probably have to keep a log.  I find when I do this, I budget my time too tightly.  Too exactly.  Planning what to do every hour.  Inevitably, I miss something.  There will be another goal.  Not to be harsh on myself when I miss something.  I’m only human.

I fully expect 2013 to be a spectacular year with my writing.  I will have new stories for you and hope you will let me know what you expect from me this year!

As a gift for my readers, I have a short story.  Please check out my medieval romance, The Bride and The Brute.  It’s Free!!!!

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Below is an excerpt from Angel’s Assassin, my newest medieval romance.  Enjoy!

“I loved this book. Angel’s Assassin is how Historical Romance is supposed to be. There were equal parts romance and plot and O’Donnell weaves them together masterfully.”  Overflowing Bookshelves Review

“This is the quintessential historical romance–practically perfect in every way.”  My Devotional Thoughts Review

Angel’s Assassin

Angel's Assassin by Laurel O'DonnellDamien moved up beside Aurora as she stood looking out over the dark waters.  He had accompanied her as she retreated from the grisly sight of her slain friend to the comfortable confines of the tower.

She stared out at the ocean.  Tendrils of her golden hair whipped about her face like a cape.  When lightning speared the sky, it threw a turbulence of light and dark shadows across her face.  He saw the vulnerability in her eyes, saw the rippling of unshed tears.  And then the streak of lightning disappeared, plunging her features again into blackness.  Thunder rumbled above them.

“Why did you kiss me?” she wondered.

The abrupt question seemed out of place, but he knew she was trying to force her mind away from the gruesome scene she had just witnessed.

Lightning flashed in the distance, growing closer every second.  The wind picked up around her, snapping her hair behind her.  Damien watched the strands fly about her face, the face that sent his dark intentions soaring toward a bright light, toward a radiance that offered a shimmering ray of hope.  She had a face that was simply mesmerizing to look at.  The delicate, yet strong and regal, line of her jaw.  The cheekbones of a Greek goddess.  The lips that created the most sensual mouth any man could ever imagine.  A mouth that created a voice that would humble any Siren.

“Was it to punish me?  Was it to teach me something?” she asked

“To tempt you.”

“Tempt me?” she echoed, confused.

“I wanted you to be like me,” he answered truthfully.  She deserved to know the truth in her last moments.  “I wanted you to be flawed, weak.  I wanted you to be like everyone else.”

She faced him and Damien was shocked to find vulnerability in her large eyes, a deep sadness.  “You are my weakness.”

Shock speared through Damien.  Me? he silently questioned.  Why on earth would I be her weakness?  But her words rang true.  He remembered the look of concern in her eyes when she realized the arrow had poisoned him.  He recalled the way she lifted her lips to his when he tempted her.  Could it be?  Could she truly mean what she said?  Damien lifted his hand to brush one of those golden tendrils from her cheek.  It encircled his hand.  No.  It couldn’t be.  It was her grief talking.  She needed someone, anyone to distract her from her pain.  “You don’t know what you’re saying.”  He wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her closer to him.

For a moment, she stiffened, but then she relaxed against his body.  The tight expression on her face melted into one of anguish.

Damien’s heart twisted at her pain.  He wanted to relieve her agony, to reassure her.  He bent his head to her lips.

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  • No New Year’s Resolutions for me, only realistic goals this year.
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  • I’m hoping to see more kick-ass heroines in 2013, from everybody. I love strong heroines in fiction. tchevrestt(at)

  • As I sit here, my husband is working on what we want to do this year…take a real family vacation. We have been married for 15 years and haven’t taken the kids anywhere. Many reasons why, but this year, we are changing that. Looking for a pet friendly cabin for a week’s vacation. We will do it.
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  • I absolutely love your books. My favorite is Midnight Shadow. my plans in 2013 are to spend more time with my kids. They are getting older and have their own lives now and I feel like we are slowly drifting away, so I would like to take the time to do more with them cause I love them!

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  • I made a goal to be kinder to myself this year. I often do things for other people to the detriment of myself.
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  • “Goals” sounds more positive and “achievable” (is that even a word?) than “resolutions”. Hope you have a great year!


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  • Happy New Year! My New Years traditions are easy, I spend time with my family and friends. I can’t think of a better way to ring in the new year. My resolutions this year is as always to loose a few pounds and spend a little more time with my family.

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  • My goal for 2013 is to be more active. I didn’t follow through on my 2012’s.

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