Medieval Monday! Cameron by Lane McFarland!

Today, I’m featuring the talented Lane McFarland and her novel Cameron.

What’s it about?

Determined to band Scots together against English tyranny, Laird Robert Graham seals a
truce with his feuding neighbor, the MacDougalls. But after his brother is nearly killed in a
treacherous attack, Graham kidnaps the laird’s daughter in an act of revenge.

Cameron MacDougall has devoted her life to the healing arts. She’s long rebelled against her
father’s feuding ways, but when Robert Graham abducts her, she’s finds herself at the center
of the dispute between their families. She expects the anger she feels, not the simmering
attraction to the powerful warrior, or the love she develops for his clan.

Can she stop further violence between the clans with her escape? Or will she find her surrender leads to a lasting peace and her own heart’s desire?

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Here’s the continuing excerpt from Cameron

He stood from the trestle table and patted Lachlan on the back. When he turned, his gaze
captured hers, and her pulse thumped wildly. He started toward her. His broad shoulders and
chest tapered to a lean waist and hips. His white shirt hung open exposing dark curls. Powerful
legs, encased in brown trews, fit snugly in his black boots. He limped, favoring his injured leg.

She realized she was staring, but she couldn’t seem to help herself. His shaggy hair hung
to his shoulders. Dark stubble lined his cheeks and strong jaw. His smoldering eyes made her
stomach flutter and her hands shake.

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