Medieval Monday! Can you guess what the topic is?

Medieval Monday is back! For this round of excerpts, I’d like you to follow along to each authors page and see if you can guess what the topic is for the story. My story is from A Knight’s Protection, my novella in the boxed set, Treasure the Knight, releasing today!


Here’s the start of the excerpt!


She forgave him. The words Lia had spoken to him played over and over in his thoughts. Kade didn’t understand how his mother could forgive him when he would never forgive himself. Still, that wasn’t what caused him the previous sleepless night. It was the other words she had spoken. ‘Don’t let them find him. They can’t get it.’ Find him? The dead knight? It had to be. That was what Ralf told him his mother and father were arguing about. His father hadn’t found the knight, he did. But the second part of the message still confused him… ‘They can’t get it.’ What did that mean? He had searched the fallen knight, but couldn’t find anything worthy of protection.


He rubbed his eyes. There was one person at the center of all of it. Lia. She had found the dead knight. Had he given her something to protect? Even if he hadn’t, Kade wanted to speak to her. He wanted to learn more about his mother, about what she said, every word. What kind of injuries she had. Why Lia couldn’t save her. His heart twisted. He bowed his head over his morning meal of porridge.


The door opened and closed.


The brown-haired little girl who waited on him jumped up from the hearth in excitement. “Lia!” she greeted.


Kade looked up in time to see the child wrap her small arms around Lia’s thin waist. Lia’s red hair was wound tightly in a braid behind her back, but small stray locks had come free of the confinement, trailing down her slender neck. Kade’s heart quickened at the sight of her small, but lithe form.


Lia embraced the girl tightly. “I brought you some lavender, Alice,” she said.


“You did?” The child pulled back to look up at her.


Lia handed the girl a handful of purple stemmed flowers as Ned came in the front door carrying an arm full of fire wood. He smiled. “Good morn, Lia!”


“Good day to you, Ned.”


Kade stood, drawing her attention. Surprise crossed her wide, large blue eyes before she approached him.


She put her hands behind her back. “I thought you would have returned to the castle.”


He watched appreciatively the way her hips swayed before he acknowledged her words. “And miss Ned’s ale? Never!”


Ned grinned.


In truth, Kade knew Ned was grateful for the patronage and the coin. And he had no desire to return to his father’s castle. “What are you doing in the village?”


“I’ve brought flowers for the knight’s grave.”


“Do you mind if I accompany you?”


She shook her head. “Not at all.” She waved to Alice who was inhaling the scent of the lavender, and Ned as he put the wood near the hearth, before heading for the door.


Kade held the door open for her.



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