Overcome the Odds and the Conspiracy!

First, an apology. To all of you who preordered Treasure the Knight and received only one story. I’m very sorry. Amazon released the wrong version of the set on release day. This has all been fixed. The correct version is now available. Please update your Kindle with the new version which has the four novellas in it. Again, my apologies to those of you who received the wrong version of the set. If you have any trouble updating your set, please contact me.

I have a theory as to what really happened because no one is admitting fault. The Templar Knights found the Treasure the Knight set. They realized it was too close to what actually happened to the treasure and tried to prevent the release of the set! Right now, we’ve overcome their plot to bring you this wonderful set, but I can’t predict what other nefarious schemes they have in store for our set. Get yours before something else prevents you from reading the set!


Treasure the Knight! Available now!

One Response to “Overcome the Odds and the Conspiracy!

  • Love the reason. The plot thickens for the next installment.