Medieval Monday! Introducing…First Encounter!

Medieval Monday is back! This time we are featuring the First Encounter between the hero and heroine of our novels. My first encounter is between Ryen De Bouriez, the dread French knight known as the Angel of Death and Bryce Princeton, the terrifying English warrior called the Prince of Darkness from The Angel and The Prince.

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Here’s the start of the scene!

The Angel and the Prince by Laurel O'Donnell

The cloud of white parted slowly before Ryen as she stepped through the soft, whirling smoke created by the smoldering candles placed around the tent.  Quivers of anticipation rippled through her as she saw the wisps swirl around the shadowy shape.  She stopped, not wanting the thrill to dissipate from her veins.  So often in the past did a man not live up to her expectations that she was afraid she would be sorely disappointed by him, the mightiest of legends.  But his shadow beckoned to her and she pushed any doubts aside.  She had to know his secrets.

Ryen continued to move through the frosty smoke, the dark blur of his body forming into a solid shape.  He had fought to the end, she thought, just as I would have.  Lucien said it had taken twenty men to bring him to his knees.  Twenty men?  She wanted to believe this, but surely Lucien must have been exaggerating.  Yet it wasn’t like him to inflate the truth.  She moved toward the figure chained to a post in the tent, stepping out of the mists.

His head was hanging down, his long black mane draping over his chest.  So he did have black hair!  Was it truly hiding horns?

Ryen moved closer, slowly, her gaze appraising him, his body.  He was no disappointment there.  The urge to touch him was overwhelming.  She stretched her fingers toward him and touched the hair on his naked chest, running her hands along his torso, marveling at the size of his muscles.  They were hard, sculptured curves of warm flesh.  Magnificent, she thought.  The smell of him, the heady musky scent of him, enveloped her.

Her prisoner stirred, his head moving slightly from side to side, as if he were struggling to clear his mind.  His head slowly lifted.  A thrill of anticipation touched Ryen’s spine as his dark eyes, the eyes of midnight, rose like the moon to gleam at her.

“Enjoying yourself?” he asked, his voice low, suggestive.


Wow! Want to read more? The next part of the scene will be at Cecelia Mecca’s blog next Monday for Medieval Monday!

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