Medieval Romance Sample Saturday featuring The Angel and the Prince

medieval romance The Angel and the PrinceHere is a sample from The Angel and the Prince

The hero Bryce Princeton is mesmerized by his enemy, the female french warrior Ryen DeBouriez.

She straightened her shoulders, adjusted her sleeve, and moved to the corner of the cave where he had placed the food.  She knelt, her small hands scooping up the red berries.  As she brought a berry to her mouth, that accursed sleeve slid to her elbow again where a chestnut curl caught it.  Her hair had dried in rebellious spirals along her back.  Bryce found his eyes roaming over the path of her dark tendrils until they ended at the curve in her back near her waist where another curve began.  Without her armor, she was a very pleasing morsel.

As if reading his thoughts, she straightened and looked over her shoulder at him.

Those blue eyes glistened in the light that shimmered through the waterfall, those full lips slightly parted.  Bryce turned away from her.  The little vixen!  How could she have been a virgin with sultry looks like those, especially surrounded by all those men?  He stepped quickly out of the cave.  I cannot think of her like that, he reminded himself.  She is a French prisoner.  I must treat her as one.

Still, the image of that demure sultry look was engraved on his memory.  Those lips…so tempting.  So ripe for kissing.  He wanted to feel them against his own again.

No wonder those weak Frenchmen had put the little wench in charge of their army!  With fiery looks like those, it took all his will not to drop to his knees and pledge his eternal devotion to her.  He reached out with both hands to the waterfall and scooped up some water.  He doused his face and shook his head, trying to free himself of her spell.



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