Precious Time

Time is so precious to me.  There are only 24 hours in the day.  And I only spend a portion of those at home.  And even less of that is writing time.

Here’s my dilemma.  I know I should exercise.  But exercising takes away time.  Precious time.  Writing time.  It always comes down to which is more important to me.  And writing is more important…  until my back hurts or my shoulder aches.

I find myself cutting down my exercise time so I can write more.  But then I feel guilty.  If I exercise more and have less time to write, I am miserable!

My question to you is what’s the solution?  Any suggestions?

3 Responses to “Precious Time

  • How about using a tape recorder and dictating to it while you’re exercising?

    • Hi Becki –
      Great idea! Some authors even have a workstation on their treadmill, but I use the eliptical and bike, so that’s not possible. I’ll try your suggestion. Thanks!

  • I hear you, Laurel! That is a dilemma! I do find that if I exercise, I have more energy overall, so I hope that it helps my ability to write more effectively. Sometimes the treadmill is a great place to plot. 🙂