Romance Novel Sample Saturday – Champion of the Heart

Laurel O'Donnell - Champion of the Heart Book Cover - Historical Romance NovelsHere is a sample excerpt from my medieval romance novel Champion of the Heart

The heroine Jordan is confronted with some dark news:

Jordan’s gaze turned to the closed door, and the image of the young girl lying lifelessly inside filled her mind.  Maggie.  They had been so close to curing her.  “I can’t believe she’s gone.  Just yesterday morn I was playing hide and seek with her.”

“Life is like that,” Evan said, distracted.  He glanced at the front door as if he had somewhere better to be.

“You can leave, Evan,” Jordan said coldly, angrily.  “Thank you for staying and thank you for your help with Maggie.”

Evan’s gaze shot to her as she began to move past him.  “Don’t be like that, Jordan.  I did my best.  I will capture the cur that stole those herbs and make him pay for what he did.  You have my word on that.”

Jordan faltered and turned to him.  “You know who did it?” she asked, shocked.

Evan nodded.  “The merchant saw him.  Yes,” Evan said stoically.  “I know who did it.”

“Who?” Jordan demanded, grabbing his arm tightly.

Evan shifted his blue gaze to her.  There was such animosity in his gaze that for a moment Jordan was taken aback.  Just by his stare, just by the hatred in his gaze, she knew who it was.  And she couldn’t believe it.




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