Romance Novels Sample Saturday – The Lady and the Falconer

Here is a sample excerpt from my medieval romance novel The Lady and the Falconer.

The plot thickens:

Her eyes flashed with dangerous ideas.  “I was thinking… if it weren’t for Solace, all of this would be ours,” she said, indicating the castle.  “She is the only one who stands in our way.”

Graham quickly joined her.  “We knew that when we were betrothed.  It matters not to me,” Graham exclaimed.

Beth looked at him slyly.  “It doesn’t?  I know you asked Mother for Solace’s hand before you asked for mine.  Of course, Mother agreed, but Solace turned you down.”

Graham gasped.  “You know that?”

“I’m not a fool,” Beth said.  She rose and paced to the other side of the small alcove.  “To have Castle Fulton would mean wealth and power for you.”

“Beth, all I really want is you, I swear,” Graham pleaded.

“Spare me your declarations of love.  I care not.”  Beth turned to Graham, staring down at him haughtily.  “Marrying Solace isn’t the only way to get Castle Fulton.”

Graham’s brow furrowed in confusion.

“There is another way.”


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