Sample Saturday! – Midnight Shadow

An excerpt from my novel, Midnight Shadow – Terran almost discovers Bria’s secret! –

“Tell us how you’ve been secretly meeting with the Midnight Shadow,” Terran finished.

For a long moment, she couldn’t move.  She thought she’d misheard him.

But he continued in a dark, dangerous voice.  “Tell your father how he tasted your charms before I was anywhere near you,” Terran all but purred.

She wanted to laugh out loud as relief swept her body.  He didn’t know!  He didn’t know she was the Midnight Shadow!  She swung her relieved gaze to her father, but he wore no smile on his lips.  Her eyes shifted to her grandfather.  He wasn’t smiling, either.  Her happiness died within her.

“Have you been meeting this Midnight Shadow?” her father asked.

Bria’s desperate gaze swung to her only ally.  Harry stared at her, and she realized the seriousness of Terran’s accusation.  But how could she deny it?  If she told the truth, she’d be locked up as a thief.  If she didn’t, she’d be labeled a harlot.

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