Taking It From The Beginning – Part 1

Have you ever wondered what the process is for writing a book?  For every author it is different.  I start with characters or a scene or something that interests me enough to write about.  For this blog, I’m going to take you through the steps I’m taking to start my newest book, as of yet untitled.  Titles almost always come last for me, when the book is done.  First, I have to tell you I am a tried and true pantser.  I write by the seat of my pants.  I’ve tried plotting and it just doesn’t work for me.  What I like to do is know what scene I’m writing and what comes next.  That’s it.

As I’ve said, I’m going to start this book from the very beginning.  Nothing.  I’m enjoying paranormals right now.  Vamps, demons, etc.  For those of you who have seen the Supernatural television show, that is my inspiration!  So my idea is to write a paranormal.  I’m getting tired of reading about vamps being the good guys all the time and I want to write something a little different, so I think I’ll make the vamps in my novel bad and my hero and heroine real people.  But to pit my hero and heroine against immortal creatures, I have to give them a little edge.  Maybe telepathic or some form of psychic power.  I’ll have to think about this.  As I go through my regular day, I’ll think about my characters, maybe even name them.  Let me know if you’re going to go through this process with me!  What are good names for a hero and heroine?



2 Responses to “Taking It From The Beginning – Part 1

  • Interesting post! I wish you tons of luck! Lucas is always a good name for a hero and Jade for a heroine. Those sound like strong names to me.

  • This sounds like a fun start! I just love being at this stage with everything wide open. I think your hero and heroine should have kind of traditional-sounding names to fit with the reversal of vamps being bad and humans good. So how about…ooops, I was going to say Janet, then I got Brad and Janet and if you know Rocky Horror…. OK, how about James and Susannah?