First Kiss Friday – Angel’s Assassin by Laurel O’Donnell

Today’s First Kiss Friday is from my award winning medieval romance novel Angel’s Assassin!  Here’s the first kiss between Damien and Aurora.

Angel's Assassin by Laurel O'Donnell

Damien was not to be put off.  A dark intensity burned in his eyes.  He stalked her. 

Aurora continued to move away until her back hit a tree.  She turned to move, but Damien’s arm blocked her path.  She whirled the other way, but his other arm was there, trapping her. 

“Admit it,” he whispered, his voice husky.

Aurora pressed herself back against the tree and lifted her gaze to meet his.

“You liked it,” he coaxed softly, delight shining in his eyes.

“No,” she answered fervently, again turning to flee.

This time, Damien stepped in close.  Their bodies weren’t touching, but he was so close he could feel the heat from her body.  “Liar.”

Aurora shook her head, denying his accusation.

“I’ll prove it.”  His lips were almost touching hers, so close.  “You will lift your lips for me to kiss.”

Aurora shook her head.  She looked away, her eyes darting across his bare chest as if searching for a way of escape. 

Damien bent his arms, bringing his face close to hers.  He moved his lips near her forehead, not touching, but wanting to.  He slowly lowered his mouth down over her cheek to hover over her lips.  He could feel her sweet breath on his lips.  He wanted to taste her, feel her against him.  He was so hard he thought he would explode.  So close to her.

Her lids drooped over her eyes.  “Damien,” she whispered in a shaken voice.

“I know you want to,” he coaxed.  “Let me kiss you.  Lift your lips to me.”

Her mouth was open, her breath coming in shallow gasps.  She lifted her head just slightly but not enough to be a surrender.  Her nose touched his, sending tingles of desire through his body.  It was such an innocent gesture, so tentative.

His lips skimmed hers.  She was so tantalizing.  So breathtaking.  Just a kiss.  One kiss. “Aurora,” he called.

Aurora lifted her eyes to his, lifted her lips to his, giving in to the temptation.


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  • I really enjoyed this book when I read it.
    jmcgaugh (at) semo (dot) edu

  • A great book I loved it. I gave it 5 stars on my review.

  • Happy Birthday, Laurel! I hope you have a wonderful day. Thanks for sharing the great first kiss excerpt.

  • i just finished reading The Angel and The Prince. Great read thank you and Happy Birthday!

  • I can’t wait to read it. I am buying as soon as I get home.