Taking It From The Beginning – Part 14

I’m on Chapter 8 now!  The vampire that has attacked them and drunk Quinn’s blood is now a human man.  She is a cure for vampirism.  Of course, Kurt is going after Joe.  He can’t let the vamps have him.  Kurt gets Quinn and the now human to another hotel.  He makes sure they’re safe and starts preparing to go after Joe.  Kurt is worried about leaving Quinn alone with the human man.  He’s worried the vamps will come for her.  But he’s more worried about Joe.  So at dawn, he heads out to save him.

In a dark cave, he comes face to face with his old girlfriend, the only woman he has ever allowed himself to care for.  She is a vampire because of him.  Long ago, he hunted down all the vampires responsible for turning her, but he could never hunt her.  She says that she wants Quinn, to protect her.  She tells Kurt there are vamps who want Quinn to drink her blood to be human.  And there are vamps who are content to be what they are, like her.  She says wants to protect Quinn from the other vamps, the vamps that want to feed from her to become human.  Kurt doesn’t believe her.  He agrees to bring Quinn at midday in exchange for Joe.

But, Kurt has no intention of trading Quinn for Joe.  He promises Quinn that he won’t let them have her.

The problem for Kurt is his arrogance in thinking he can protect Quinn and Joe.  There is more then one vampire he has seen in the cave.  And that’s on top of the humans they have guarding them.  The other problem is Kurt is truly torn.  Can he really exchange Quinn for Joe?  Plus, I’ve got another dimension by bringing in his ex-girlfriend who is now a vampire.  He can’t kill her because he feels responsible for what happened to her.

The plot is moving forward!

I hope you’ll join me next time for chapter 9!

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  • Just wanted to say that’s a new twist I haven’t seen – having a human change a vampire. Excellent! Best of luck with it =-)