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Laurel ODonnell author photoI know you’ve all been curious about how I write and come up with my amazing characters.  Before I let you in on my secrets, I’d like to thank Kathryn Le Veque for allowing me to be part of this blog tour.  She is an amazing writer and a very generous person, so go and check out her novels!

On to the secrets!  First, you have to give me your solemn vow not to reveal any of these secrets to anyone else.  🙂  Alright, I’m just kidding about that part.  Most of what I do, I imagine, is what other authors do.  I use my imagination.  It’s different for each book and mostly depends upon what is going on in my life at the moment.  Do I feel like I need to be strong?  I might want my characters to be warriors or knights.  Do I feel like I need to be rescued from what’s going on around me?  I might make a heroine who pretends to be strong, but needs a hero to help her through it all.  Once I have the characters, the plot grows from them.  Why does the heroine feel like she needs to be saved?  From what?  Or from whom?

I enjoy writing in the medieval era because of the turmoil, but mostly because of the romanticism of the era.  The knights in shining armor.  The grand castles.  It was truly a different time.  It was a hard time.  It was a gallant time.  And yet, in some respects, the people of the period were going through exactly the same things we do now, such as worry about their children, worry about their future, and falling in love.

10168096_10202053138551086_6250031846016856377_nMy novels have all of the elements I love in them, the reasons I write about the era.  They have a lot of action and adventure to keep the readers turning the pages.  And they have love.  They are fast paced.  My novels incorporate these scenes with twists and turns so you never are quite sure what will happen next.

Right now, I’m working on a novel about tournaments and jousting.  But it’s also about family and loyalty.  Most of all it is about the love between a man and a woman.

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  • Thank you for the invite to join in this blog tour! What fun Love hearing your process and can’t wait for the jousting/tournament book! Write faster! LOL.