12 Lords A Leapin’ Blog Hop and Giveaway!


The holidays are beginning!  And for this special time, we offer you a special treat!  The 12 Lords A Leapin’ Author Hop!  The Hop will run from November 17th – November 28th.

Let me introduce you to my Lord.  Sir Griffin Wolfe from My Noble Knight.  While Griffin doesn’t do much leapin, he is the most noble, honorable hero I have written. He is a talented jouster and more then willing to save any woman, whether she needs saving or not.  Level headed and in control, Griffin prides himself on his ability to remain in charge at all times.  Well, until a little spitfire of a woman challenges all he believes in.  Enter the heroine, Layne Fletcher.

My Noble Knight by Laurel O'DonnellHere’s a little about My Noble Knight

Layne Fletcher, the only girl in a family of three boys, has grown up learning to use a sword and joust, but she is not a knight. She and her brothers have been traveling from tourney to tourney to make enough coin to buy their own farm to shelter their ailing father. When her brother is found unconscious before an important tournament, Layne takes his place on the jousting field against…

Griffin Wolfe, the undefeated jousting champion. When he is unhorsed by a slip of a woman who is not a knight, he demands retribution. His honor will not allow him to let a woman be thrown in the dungeon and he has no choice but to pay her fine, ordering her to travel with him until her brothers can repay him. Griffin attempts to educate Layne in the art of being a woman, but finds he is attracted to her exciting personality and uncommon beauty despite her less than lady like ways.

But someone is trying to sabotage Griffin as he competes in the tournaments. Can Layne and Griffin discover who the culprit is while keeping their families safe and their growing attraction secret?


For this Author Hop, I will be giving away a signed copy of my medieval romance, The Angel and The Prince, to one lucky winner.  To enter, just leave a comment with your email and tell me whether you prefer chivalrous knights or dangerous warriors.

Be sure to pick up your free copy of The Bride and The Brute.

There are great prizes in this Hop, so be sure to gather up all the 12 Lords A Leapin by visiting each of the 12 talented authors websites.  Then, head back to Elizabeth Rose’s page where you will enter the names of the 12 Lords into the Rafflecopter for your chance to win!  Simple, right?

What are you waiting for?  Get going to the next author’s site!  And Happy Holiday!



1) Elizabeth Rose            2) Laurel O’Donnell

3) Kathryn Le Veque     4) Tanya Anne Crosby

5) Anna Markland         6) Elysa Hendricks

7) Suzan Tisdale             8) Amy Jarecki

9) Eliza Knight             10) Denise Domning

11) Kris Kennedy         12) Lana Williams

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