First Kiss Friday – Stealing Moirra’s Heart by Suzan Tisdale

Today’s First Kiss Friday featured guest is Suzan Tisdale, author of the brand new historical romance novella Stealing Moirra’s Heart.  Welcome Suzan!  Stealing Moirra’s Heart is available in The Scrolls of Cridhe boxed set.  Here’s the first kiss between Moirra and John.

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Moirra had learned long ago, that words often were not enough to convey the message one might desire another person to understand. In those moments, actions speak louder than words. This was one of those moments.

Without permission or warning, flinging all good and common sense aside, Moirra rushed to him and wrapped her arms around his neck. Standing on her toes, she leaned up and looked into his eyes. Surprise flickered momentarily behind his green eyes before understanding finally set in.

Slowly, John bent, wrapped her more tightly in his arms and brought his lips to hers. She thought it a sweet, tender kiss, but that was not what she needed or wanted at that particular moment. For days she had been daydreaming about the moment when he would finally realize that he wanted her just as much as she wanted him. He’d been doing his best to be an honorable gentleman, and for that, she applauded him.

But now, pressed against him in the dimly lit barn, she did not want an honorable gentleman. She wanted a passionate and virile man. She wanted to feel his bare skin against hers. On top of her, under her, sideways, she didn’t care as long as he was inside her, slaking her want and desperation and physical desires. He smelled like hay, earth, soap and leather to the point she nearly felt intoxicated. She could not remember ever having such a heady and exhilarating feeling before, not with any of her previous husbands.

Moirra urged him on by nibbling on his lower lip. He responded by deepening the kiss before running his tongue between her lips. Her heart pounded against her breastbone; her blood ran hot through her veins; warm sensations began to swim deep in her belly. Rather zealously, she ran her fingers through his hair, pulling him closer. Soon she realized she was breathing hard, like an animal that had been chased through the woods. John’s breathing was not any steadier than her own.

Pressed so closely to him, she could feel his arousal and that flamed her own. Leaving his hair, she started to undo his plaid, when his hands stopped her.

She opened her eyes and looked at him. He had an odd expression on his face and she did not know what to make of it.

“What be the matter?” she asked breathlessly.

He took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “Moirra, I do no’ ken how much more of yer kisses I can take without hauling ye up to the loft and havin’ me way with ye.”

Gently, she placed her palm on his cheek. “John, ye sweet, stupid man.” Though her tone was playful and her words meant in jest, he still raised a surprised brow. “Why do ye think I kissed ye?”

He stammered, trying to find a good answer.

Moirra giggled and headed toward the ladder that led to the loft. She took the first rung before turning back to him. “Ye best hurry, or I’ll have to start without ye.”


He’d never known such a beguiling, intriguing, bold woman. Momentarily surprised by her apparent challenge, he watched as she climbed the ladder. Her skirts swished and swayed as she made her way up and disappeared into the dark loft.

Start without me? He contemplated her statement for a long moment, his mind conjuring up all sorts of provocative images, which brought a smile to his face. Bloody hell ye’ll start without me!



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