First Kiss Friday – A Knight’s Seduction by Catherine Kean

Today’s First Kiss Friday featured guest is Catherine Kean, author of historical romance A Knight’s Seduction.  Welcome back Catherine!  Here’s the first kiss between Lady Claire Sevalliere and Tye.

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His finger pressed to her lips, silencing her. “No more questions. I am finished talking about me.” His hungry gaze settled on her mouth.

He wanted to resume their discussion about kissing.

With a sideways jerk of her head, she dislodged his finger. Still, though, she felt the weight of his skin pressing to hers. “W-what you want, I—”

“What I want, I take. If you learned naught else about me, you must have understood I am that kind of man.”

“You are going to kiss me,” she whispered.


“Even if I am not willing?”


“Even if I have already had the perfect kiss?”

Especially if you believe that.”

His face was barely a breath from hers. She pressed back against the hard stone, expecting the brutal and unrelenting crush of his mouth. Instead, the tip of his nose brushed hers in a gentle, teasing caress. Loose strands of his hair tickled her face, while his breath skimmed over her cheek.

“I could be wrong,” he murmured, sending tingles racing across her skin, “but I thought you might be willing.”

His hands settled at her waist. His hold, light but firm, sent sweet fire racing through her veins. Oh, but she mustn’t let him kiss her. If he knew she wanted his kiss, there was no telling how far the intimacies might go.

Her mind whirled, desperately trying to think of a way to stop him. Tilting her chin up, she asked, “Why would you think—?”

His mouth covered hers. His soft, warm lips brushed against hers with the lightest of touches. Her body answered instantly. The heat within her leaped, soared. She suddenly felt hot, weightless, as if she’d been caught up in a blinding beam of sunlight.

She hadn’t realized she’d closed her eyes until she heard his husky laugh.

Her eyelids fluttered open. The air in her lungs expelled on a sigh.

He grinned. “Well? Was that as good as your perfect kiss?”

“Nay,” she managed breathlessly. A lie. A necessary falsehood. She had to get away, for the kiss had been wonderful. So astonishingly marvelous, in fact, she wanted another, but she was not going to swoon in this rogue’s arms.

If she made him angry, he’d release her and step away. Wouldn’t he?

“Nay,” Tye repeated. His eyes narrowed.

He didn’t look at all deterred. Indeed, he appeared even more determined to prove her wrong.



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