First Kiss Friday – Texas Lover, Book 2, Wild Texas Nights by Adrienne deWolfe

Today’s First Kiss Friday featured guest is Adrienne deWolfe, author of historical romance Texas Lover, Book 2, Wild Texas Nights.  Welcome Adrienne!  Here’s the first kiss between Wes Rawlins and Aurora Sinclair.

600 by 900_Texas LoverTEXAS LOVER

Book 2, Wild Texas Nights

By Adrienne deWolfe

Book Description


Texas Ranger Wes Rawlins has a heap of trouble on his hands. The county sheriff has been murdered, squatters are entrenched on the dead man’s land, and no one can tell Wes why the sheriff wired for help in the first place. So Wes rides out to the sheriff’s farm—and finds himself looking down a gun barrel aimed by Rorie Sinclair, a spirited, young divorcée with a house full of orphans to protect. Is Rorie an innocent schoolmarm battling an illegal land grab? Or is she a cunning temptress who plugged her lawman-lover to seize his sprawling homestead? In this high-stakes game of cat and mouse, Wes dare not lose his head. The trouble is, he may have already lost his heart.


First Kiss:

“Let’s see…” Wes could feel her skirt, whipped up by the wind, wrapping his calves like the long, silken limbs of a lover. The image brought a surge of heat to his groin, and he had to remind himself that he was going to kiss Rorie for one reason and one reason only: To get her off his mind.

“The sweetheart tree gives a sign,” he drawled. “If a couple is meant to stay together forever, great white flowers start to bloom.”

Her eyelids drooped, as if she was staring at his mouth. A thrill of expectancy coursed through him. He pressed forward once more, close enough for their thighs to brush. This time when he lowered his head, he reached for her waist. That’s when her tender smile stopped his heart.

“So what you’re saying is, I should let Ethan kiss me under this tree.”

If she had slapped his face, she couldn’t have made him recoil faster.

Ethan? Who’s Ethan?”

“My neighbor.”

Shock washed over Wes, followed by a confused jumble of emotions that made him feel like he’d just been punched in the gut. “Why would you want to kiss him?” he demanded, unaccountably irritated by the whole idea.

Rorie kept her eyes lowered. She used the ploy to gather her wits. When she’d thrown out Ethan’s name, she’d been a four-star general playing a game of battlefield chess. Now she felt like a raw recruit, who’d just watched her bullet claim her first casualty.

“It’s like you said,” she answered lamely. “The sweetheart tree could tell me whether to let Ethan offer for me.”

She dared to look at Wes—which proved to be a mistake. His eyes were like shards of emerald glass in the moonlight. She felt cut by their touch.

“Does he love you?”

She swallowed. Hard.

“I’ve had a husband,” she defended herself. “Love only comes once in a lifetime. Ethan and I both had our turns.”

Wes looked incredulous. “Darlin’, it sounds to me like you just haven’t lived.”

He’d come uncomfortably close to the truth, a truth that had smoldered in her heart ever since she’d traded the oppression of her father’s household for the degradation of her husband’s.

“You have no right to judge …” Her vision blurred.

“Rorie.” Wes’s hands settled on her shoulders, warm and gentle. “You deserve a world of good. Don’t marry some man who doesn’t love you because you’re afraid someone better won’t come along.”

She shook her head, trying to convey how wrong he was, but for all her hard-won stubbornness, she couldn’t bring herself to meet his gaze.

For an infinite moment, the spell of silence wrapped around them. She became acutely aware of the young, vital man who held her, the kind of man whose embrace she secretly longed for in the night. His fingers brushed her cheek, tucking a windblown strand of hair behind her ear. The feather-light gesture was intimate in its innocence. She peeked up with fascination at the dance of storm and shadow on his face.

Then he inched closer.

She caught her breath.

His kiss was patient and kind, a sly, gentle plunder that left her dizzy with the rush of long-repressed desire. She swayed, her knees weakening faster than her resistance. She found herself clutching his shirt front. Just to brace her weight, she wanted to believe, until she realized that she, not he, was the one pulling closer, pushing her hips shamelessly into his.

Reason completely abandoned her then. Never in her most sinful, decadent dreams did she imagine she might kiss a man the way she kissed Wes Rawlins. She twisted her fingers in his hair; she crushed her breasts against his chest. She demanded more of the mouth he slanted across hers and reveled in the thrust of his tongue. It gave her the most wanton, wicked pleasure to feel his solid length locked hard against hers. He was raw virility. She was ready to be taken.

The realization jolted through her like the lightning flashing around them.

“Wes, we have to stop,” she gasped.

“The hell we do,” came the rumble near her ear.




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  • Hi, Laurel! Thanks for featuring Wes and Rorie on First Kiss Friday! I have to confess, Wes is one of my favorite heroes — he’s a yarn-spinning, wise-cracking, pistol-packing mischief-maker, with a soft spot for orphans. This Texas Ranger even COOKS BREAKFAST for the heroine and her kids! (One of my fave scenes!) I’m looking forward to chatting with your readers.

  • Adrienne –
    Thanks for being my guest! What a great first kiss. Thanks for sharing.