First Kiss Friday – Just A Kiss by Ally Broadfield

Today’s First Kiss Friday featured guest is Ally Broadfield, author of historical romance Just A Kiss.  Welcome Ally!  Here’s the first kiss between Charlotte Lightwood and Sebastian Wilkinson, Earl of Marley.

Just-A-Kiss_500“I meant to tell you, Princess Tarasova mentioned how lovely the bouquet she received from you was. She enjoyed the lilies in particular. You seem to have a penchant for choosing just the right flowers.”

He looked up. “Does that mean you liked your bouquet?”

“Oh, yes. It was gorgeous and required only one small adjustment. Even Elizabeth exclaimed over it until she discovered it was for me.”

He sent her a lopsided smile and went back to the cards. “Ravensdale is a rake. Leathersby won’t do.”

Charlotte sighed in exasperation. “There must be one among them who would suffice.”

He turned to face her and studied her as if he could see right through her to what was inside. “None of them are worthy of you.”

A wave of longing coursed through her. “Then who am I to marry?” When he failed to answer, she turned away and fiddled with the flowers on the desk. “Without the advantage of wealth or status, I’m not exactly overrun with prospects like you are.”

“Perhaps not,” he said softly, “but at least you can be certain the man who marries you did so for love and not because of your wealth or title.”

Charlotte ceased fiddling with the flowers.

He walked up behind her and reached around her to pull a dark red rose from the vase. He drew the tips of the rose petals along the nape of her neck where it was bared by her high coiffure. A shiver surged up her spine. Sliding his hands over her shoulders, he gently turned her to face him. She was certain the heat from his hands branded her with his imprint. When the rose danced over the curve of first one collar bone, then the other, her pulse reached a crescendo. Charlotte placed her trembling hand upon his shoulder, arching her neck as he pulled the rose up the line of her pulse, along her jaw, and across her lips. Exquisite sensation flooded her as the sweet scent of the rose enveloped her. A tremor she couldn’t contain shook her frame. Before the tingle left her, he followed the path of the rose with his lips. He rained dozens of kisses across her collar bones and up her neck, as gentle as the brush of a hummingbird’s wings.

Pausing a heartbeat away from her mouth, he met her gaze. She was certain the desire evident in his eyes was mirrored in her own. Her eyelids fluttered closed when his lips brushed against hers. As excruciating as the torment of the rose petals had been, she was totally unprepared for the feel of his lips pressed against her own.

His fingers slid into her hair while hers moved across his chest. After the initial gentleness, the pressure of his lips grew more urgent. Wrapping his arms around her, he pulled her against him as he deepened the kiss. He parted her lips, and his tongue swept into her mouth. She vaguely registered his groan of satisfaction before all thought ceased.

Awash in sensation, it took several moments for Charlotte to come to her senses. She slowly pulled away from him and pressed her fingers to her lips. She desperately wanted to stay with him.


But since that wasn’t possible, she needed to leave before they went too far. There were so many things she wanted to say to him, but he was so close. Her pulse raced, and she couldn’t seem to catch her breath. Words were beyond her capabilities.

Until voices sounded outside the door and a very inelegant word escaped her mouth.


3 Responses to “First Kiss Friday – Just A Kiss by Ally Broadfield

  • Thanks for featuring the first kiss scene from Just a Kiss today!

  • Hi Ally –
    Great scene! I felt for both characters. Thank you for being my guest for First Kiss Friday and sharing your fist kiss.

  • Wow! Wonderful first kiss, Ally! Love all that longing! Look forward to reading the story!