First Kiss Friday – The Chameleon by Diane Burton

Today’s First Kiss Friday featured guest is Diane Burton, author of science fiction romance The Chameleon.  Welcome Diane!  Here’s the first kiss between Jileena Winslott and Laning Servary.

The Chameleon Cover (3)Laning’s sister turned to her. “Look. I know what you are even though the others are pretending you’re just like us. You’re not. You’re even faking your voice. I’ve seen you on the newswaves. I know how you speak. You’re just another rich bitch. Your father made a gazillion credits before he became Chief Rep.”

Jileena ignored the nasty appellation. She’d heard it enough times in school. “A gazillion? He might dispute you on that. Although I wouldn’t know. Maybe he has.”

Filia took a step toward her. “Hurt my brother like that bitch Sadea, and you’ll wish you’d never come here.” Her vehemence took Jileena aback.

“Hey,” Laning called from the back porch. “What are you doing out here?”

“Just having a little chat with your sister. Girl stuff.” In her too big boots, she ran clumsily to Laning and threw her arms around his neck then whispered, “How about a kiss in the moonlight, big guy?”

The kiss nearly knocked off his socks. Laning thought a quick brush of the lips would satisfy her. The sizzle and spark from their lips just touching raced through him. Holy sherd. He wanted more.

Apparently so did she.

She tightened her arms around his neck and leaned into him so close he felt every inch of her small body. Almost against his will, he deepened the kiss. She didn’t need much encouragement as she opened her mouth to accept his questing tongue. He slid his hand down to the small of her back and pressed her closer. She’d have no trouble realizing what she did to him.

By the Exalted One, she kissed like an angel . . . or a demon intent on seduction.

“For the love of quizzard, Laning. If you’re going to bed her, do it somewhere private.” Filia’s words made him realize where he was.

Abruptly, he pulled away. Jileena looked as surprised as he felt. Sherd. If Filia hadn’t interrupted him, he would have laid Jileena down on the filthy ground and mated with her. From her reaction, he didn’t think she would have protested.

He had sherd for brains, for certain. Chief Rep Winslott’s Baby rolling around in the dirt like a common pleasure provider? Beyond belief. Yet . . .

“Sorry, Fil. We get carried away sometimes.” He swatted Jileena on the rump. “This time we have to leave.”



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4 Responses to “First Kiss Friday – The Chameleon by Diane Burton

  • Laurel, thanks for letting me post Jileena and Laning’s first kiss.

  • Hi Diane –
    Thanks for dropping by and sharing your first kiss with us!

  • What a fun scene. I can just imagine a jealous sister warning people away from her brother!

    • Very protective that sister! With a good reason. 🙂