First Kiss Friday – Immortal Relations, Love and War by G. D. Ogan

Today’s First Kiss Friday featured guest is G. D. Ogan, author of paranormal romance Immortal Relations, Love and War.  Welcome G. D.!  Here’s the first kiss between Gary Logan and Magdalena.


I asked Maggie, what would happen if, while making love, she bit me.

She thought for a moment and told me that sharing venom and blood between vampires can strengthen the bond between partners and increase passion, but she’d never suggested it since our passion seemed more than adequate.

I looked deeply into her eyes and said I’d like to have her bite me the next time we made love and she agreed, but only if I would do the same.

That gave me pause as my first priority had always been to never do anything that would harm either of my lovely “owners.” They had graciously accepted me into their family and changed me into a vampire, so I called them my owners, much to their consternation. I asked her, “Will there be any pain if I bite you?”

Maggie knew my concerns for her, smiling she said, “There’s a big difference between biting during combat and showing love and passion. During a fight the incisors rip open the body of an enemy; during sex, it would be a gentile entry of a partner’s body with the incisors, allowing just a little fluid into your mouth.”

I said, “Okay, as long as it doesn’t cause you pain.”

Maggie asked, “So where did you hear about biting during passion?”

“I read a vampire story having something about biting during the couple’s sex play and wondered if it was founded on reality or just an author’s imagination.”

Maggie put her hands on each side of my face and began kissing my cheeks, my lips and then moving to my neck and shoulders. I wasn’t sure if she meant to bite me right then or not, but she then moved her hands down my chest, which always exited me, I soon gasped as she grabbed something lower. She pushed me back against the bedroom door and bit me on the shoulder. Rather than feeling any pain, it sent a shiver of passion through me, unlike anything I’d felt before. It was all I could do to keep from picking her up and slamming her down onto our recently acquired queen sized bed. My own hands were caressing her body and as soon as she released her bite, I placed my mouth over hers and got a mouthful of my own blood and venom, increasing my own passion to a fever pitch.

Without thinking I bit Maggie, taking her own fluid into my mouth to mix with my own. Instantly, I totally lost all control and didn’t know what I was doing.

Finally, my mind started to clear from the intense passion. I found I was on top of and joined with Maggie lying on the bed. Maggie’s eyes were the widest I’d ever seen them, I was instantly afraid I’d harmed her.

My muscles involuntarily juddered and I found myself on the other side of the room. I jumped back to her side with both fear and concern on my face.

She raised her head and asked, “Why did you stop?”

I said, “I didn’t know what happened after I bit you! When my mind started to clear I saw how wide open your eyes were and feared I’d hurt you. My muscles reacted to that fear by throwing me to the other side of the room.”

Maggie let out a husky sounding laugh and pointed at the wall and said, “We are going to have to repair that.”

Turning, I saw I’d cracked the concrete and the profile of my torso was still visible where I’d slammed into it.  I said, “Oops!”

Maggie laughed again and put her arms out to me to join her on the bed.


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4 Responses to “First Kiss Friday – Immortal Relations, Love and War by G. D. Ogan

  • Thanks for having me on your First Kiss Friday Blog – My first in the series “Immortal Relations” is FREE today and tomorrow but I must warn potential readers it is definitely ADULTS ONLY with explicit passages, discussions and ménage (the prudish need not apply)! LOL

    Also FREE on Sunday and Monday (6 & 7 October) is my second adult book in the series “Immortal Relations, Love and War” (from which the First Kiss Friday comes). It is and is much less “explicit” than the first novel because of Gary lack of memory when sharing blood and venom in love-bites – but he still performs his manly duties quite well, thank you very much! LOL

    The FREEBEES are to celebrate the END OF OCTOBER RELEASE of my third in the series “Immortal Relations Coming Out” where my good vampires, after saving mankind from all the potential death and destruction contained in “Immortal Relations, Love and War” discuss “coming out” to the humans…letting them know that we are far more than myth, fable and tales of horror, that some of us have been protecting mankind from evil be it the other type of vampires/human criminals/or criminal politicians! However, things have a habit in the world of vampires, as in the human world, of not working out the way we might wish. This third edition has the least amount of “Explicit Togetherness” of the three, a well-rounded teen might be able to read it. is the print versions I.D. when released, with Kindle release two weeks later (mid-Nov.). There is a lot of political intrigue in this one, so Marxists beware! LOL

  • Hi G.D. –
    Thanks for being my guest on First Kiss Friday!

  • Thanks Laurel, while we may not get any comments, I hope those who glance at the post will see that two of the books are FREE and get them for their Kindle.

  • Thanks again for having me on your blog, again I hope some of those who saw it will avail themselves of the FREE BOOKS tomorrow is the last free day for the first in the series and then the second novel in the series is FREE on 6 & 7 Oct.