First Kiss Friday – Master Marshal by Gray Dixon

Today’s First Kiss Friday featured guest is Gray Dixon, author of contemporary romance Master Marshal.  Welcome Gray!  Here’s the first kiss between Shane Marshal and Sharon Berger.


Sharon might possibly hate this man if it weren’t for the fact she was drawn to him even more. He had to be the most arrogant, self-righteous bastard she had ever met. She had the suspicion he got some kind of sick enjoyment at seeing her suffer from hard labor. After working with plenty of men in her career, she recognized how Shane Marshal fit the mold as user and heartbreaker. All of the men in her life had the potential to break her heart, if she let them.Call her a hardened woman tired of being used. This devilishly gorgeous man standing before her was dangerous, and he definitely was capable of hurting her. Could she play nice?Even with her guard up, the chances of being hurt bordered on the possible.

Another deep breath before she attempted to speak again, she gave the iciest smile she could put on her face. All she had to do was think of Tony and what he did to her. “Are you going to help me down or stand there staring at me?”

Adjusting his hat further back on his head, he reached up and put his hands around her waist, lifting her from the saddle she slid down his body, into his arms. “There. Better?”

When her feet finally hit the ground, her breath hitched. Why didn’t she give in to his masculine embrace and stop trying to push him away?He was right about breakfast this morning. If not for Tanya knocking on her bedroom door and interrupting her fantasy about him, she might have gotten off. Instead, the rest of the morning was spent getting sweaty from shoveling horse manure, then riding a horse for three grueling hours. Any involvement couldn’t work in the long run no matter how much she craved him. Better to stop a blossoming relationship before it got complicated.

“Better. Thank you. You can move your hand now.” She’d started this vacation, anticipating anonymous play with possible sex. Somehow in the past twenty-four hours, she’d gone to wanting more. The thought of becoming involved with anyone for a couple of days and then going separate ways wasn’t her way anymore. The old Sharon would have done it. Hell, Valentina would have done the same two weeks ago. She didn’t want to be the scared, chubby girl who’d have played with anyone without regard to how she’d process afterward what she done. Neither did she want to be the woman men cheated on. She’d thought she wanted to be free to use men for her pleasure without repercussions, but not anymore.

Shane moved his hand and smirked. “You should know this won’t be the last time I touch you, darlin’.”

“Excuse me?” Was this man really so arrogant to think he could treat her this way? Were there cowboy groupies or something giving him his inflated ego to think all women would fall in lockstep to his dominant proclamations? Yet she had imagined him touching her, taking her, dominating her, and her pussy pulsed with wetness. Damn!

“You heard me. This won’t be the last time I touch you. Next time, you’ll beg me to.”

She narrowed her eyes.“I’m not your property to make claims on me, and I’m not about to beg for anything from you.”

“We’ll see,” he said eventually. “I always get what I want.”

She turned to get out of his sphere of influence and join the others. She had no doubt he’d get what he wanted. Without warning, she was grabbed from behind and spun around. His strong arm gripped around her upper arm and pulled her close. His other hand seized her ponytail, pulling her head back. Lowering his mouth, he kissed her hard, deep and, at the same time, pressed his erection into her belly. She moaned in the back of her throat and pushed into his hardness.

Shane released her just as quickly as he captured her. Still in a daze from his move, she watched him calmly walk away. From his reaction, you’d think nothing happened between them. Standing alone, her body shivered with need. Then, he peered over his shoulder. “I’ll also make you scream my name before the week is out.”

Oh snap!

Sharon paused, conflicted, afraid she’d pushed him too much. She bit her lower lip to keep from saying anything else. Arguing with him was futile. She loved the banter, though it didn’t get them anywhere, at least she didn’t think it did. If she kept on and got more pissed, she might slip up and say something she didn’t want him to know. Like who I am and what I do. She liked him, butwhy would a man, a Dom, want someone like her? Especially after she showed her bitchy brat persona to him.

After lowering her eyes to calm her nerves, she followed him at a slower pace. He really was the most arrogant man she’d ever met. He also made her knees go weak and ignited a fire in her body with the hot kiss.

Would a couple days left in the week be sufficient time to prove to Shane she wasn’t a real bitch and wanted him? Did the kiss prove he was interested despite her sassy mouth? One night under his command would be enough for her. She could return to New York a new person ready to take on the world and her share of personal demons. Smiling slowly, she could not wait for him to make good on his promise. No doubt in her mind he’d take her to places she’d only dreamed about from a Dom. A Master of pleasure.

And a cowboy to boot.Who’d have ever thought? Yee haw!



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