First Kiss Friday – Eruption: Yellowblown Series Book One by Jill Hughey

Today’s First Kiss Friday featured guest is Jill Hughey, author of New Adult Contemporary romance Eruption: Yellowblown Series Book One.  Welcome back Jill!  Here’s the first kiss between Violet Perch and Boone.

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Violet Perch is in the middle of the perfect college semester, hundreds of miles from Mom, with an awesome roomie and a freshman crush finally becoming a sophomore reality—Hotness! Then the Yellowstone volcano erupts for the first time in 630,000 years. Think that’ll put a kink in her bicycle chain?



Leave it to Mia to make sure Boone and I ate pizza shoulder-to-shoulder. We laughed at her description of the opposing teams’ cheerleaders blowing up a stunt that ended with the top girl head down with her skirt around her neck. When my laughter made me lean against him, Boone leaned back into me, sturdy as one of the maple trees ringing the quad.

After one piece of pizza, Mia flitted away.

“I didn’t even notice the cheerleaders at the game,” Boone said.

“Don’t let them hear you say that,” I advised right before taking another bite.

He shook the ice in his cup. “You helped me last year, you know,” he said quietly.

With a mouth full of stringy cheese, I could only chew in helpless ignorance. I finally made a rolling motion with my hand. Keep talking, boy.

“It sounds vain, but meeting someone who didn’t know I played football, had no interest in the game…probably the best thing that could’ve happened.”

I swallowed hard. The lump of cheese slid like a golf ball down my esophagus.

“All day, everyone pitied me. ‘Poor Boone. Poor Boone.’” He tossed a bit of burned crust back onto the pie pan. “I’ll admit it. I moped like Cramer. Then you came along. ‘I don’t know who you are. I don’t know anything about your knee, and I bet you can’t pedal your butt up this hill fast as me.’”

“I never said that.”

“You didn’t have to. Keep up or shut up.”

“I took it easy on you, too, you ingrate.”

“I know.”

I turned sideways on the bench seat to speak to the little bowl at the base of his neck revealed where the stretched-out neckline of his shirt skimmed below the points of his collarbone. “You said before you weren’t sure this was a good day for us to do this. You know, for me to be with your friends and stuff. But, I’m having a good time. And I thought it was really nice you helped Cramer though I busted you about it. And, in the interest of full disclosure, I did know who were last year, when we met on the ride. I knew your name, I mean, not the other parts.”

I screwed up my courage to check his reaction. He smiled, not in a ha-ha funny way, but in a thoughtful, I-think-I-might-like-you way. How I knew that, I’m not sure, since not many guys had exactly gone gooey for me over the years. Or, to be accurate, no guy had ever gone gooey over me.

He reached out to cradle my hand in my lap, under the table, then he leaned in for a kiss. I may have blacked out for a minute ’cuz the noise of the pizza place disappeared, and the next thing I remember is me with my eyes closed, his breath soft on my lips, “I’m having a good time, too, Violet.”

I was a goner.






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