First Kiss Friday – Losing Penny (Rose Arbor) by Kristy Tate

Today’s First Kiss Friday featured guest is Kristy Tate, author of contemporary romance Losing Penny (Rose Arbor).  Welcome Kristy!  Here’s the first kiss between Penny Lee and Drake Islington.
losing penny cover

They stood in the moonlight, Drake’s arms holding her against him. He looked down at her upturned face, his eyes as dark as the night sky. The thought of kissing Drake warmed her. She lifted her lips toward his, wanting to taste him, wanting him to want her.

She hadn’t thought of Drake like this until now, but somewhere on the drive home her feelings had turned. Things had changed for her, and she saw in his eyes that things had changed for him too. His lips brushed against hers.

A kiss would complicate things, because one kiss wouldn’t be enough—she knew that when his kiss deepened. There would have to be many, many kisses.

“Drake?” A female voice called out.

Drake flinched away from Penny like he had brushed against an open flame.

“Melinda?” Penny whispered, bringing her fingertips to her lips where she still tasted Drake’s kiss.

“Worse.” Drake shook his head, his eyes full of apology. He held her hand, but the distance between them gaped, and Penny shivered in the cold of his absence.  “My mom.”



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