First Kiss Friday – Unraveling Secrets by Lana Williams

Today’s First Kiss Friday featured guest is Lana Williams, author of historical romance Unraveling Secrets.  Welcome Lana!  Here’s the first kiss between Stephen and Abigail.

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Thanks so much for having me, Laurel! Here’s the First Kiss between Stephen and Abigail in Unraveling Secrets, set in late Victorian London:


She couldn’t take her gaze off his mouth. His hands felt warm on her waist despite the layers that separated them.

He gave her a little shake as he spoke. “Do not approach him again.”

She looked up into his eyes and tried to swallow. What had she been trying to say? Oh, yes. “Someone has to and you’re not taking any action. I don’t understand why you haven’t yet spoken with him.” Lord Ashbury didn’t seem to realize how desperate she was to put an end to the threat that Simmons represented.

“For one, Simmons vacated the lodging house you discovered and hasn’t been seen at the pub. Secondly, a more pressing matter is now requiring my attention.”

She drew in a breath to steady her nerves only to catch his clean scent once more. It reminded her of the sea with a hint of bay rum. She looked up at him from beneath her lashes, hoping to hide his affect on her.

What on earth was wrong with her?

A mere look from this man had her fumbling like a young girl, uncertain of herself. And when he touched her—regardless of the layers of clothing that separated them—awareness speared through her to her toes. The sensation was very unsettling, not to mention unfamiliar, but oh, so intriguing. No man had ever made her feel anything like this.

He scowled at her. “I did not promise a particular schedule.”

“If you can’t find him, simply say so. There’s no need to become defensive.”

The glare he gave her would’ve withered others, but luckily she was no fainting wallflower. “Perhaps we should locate him together,” she suggested, her enthusiasm growing as the idea took hold.

“I’m experienced in such matters. You may rely on me to take care of it.”

“You must forgive me for failing to trust you,” Abigail said. “After all, I only have your word.”

“That should be enough.”

“Hmm. I would suggest we plan some sort of outing for the morrow to see if Simmons appears.”


“Probably not Regent Street again. What of Hyde Park?”

“Miss Bradford—”

“Or perhaps Piccadilly would be better?”

“I would remind you,” he continued, moving to the edge of his seat, “that your visit here today is highly inappropriate.”

“True.” She blinked and eased back, suddenly uncomfortable with his proximity.

“I think it best we don’t meet again.” He tapped his gloved finger on her nose. “And do not confront Simmons.”

A spark of awareness flashed through her, mingled with fear.

But she couldn’t afford to let him intimidate her. “I will do what I see fit—”

A small smile played at the corner of his mouth. “Do you never cease arguing?”

She stiffened when his lips took hers, shock holding her still. The heat from his lips melted her from the inside out. A tiny moan escaped her mouth and he groaned in response.

Her anger slipped away and desire took its place. All thoughts flew from her mind and she could only feel. Much more than simple heat spiraled through her.

So this was desire…

For so long now, she’d thought herself incapable of feeling it.

She tilted her head, wanting more of what he offered. His hand cupped her cheek, the other holding her arm, steadying her from the sway of the carriage. With more courage than she’d thought she had, she reached up to rest her hand on his broad shoulder.

For a long moment, she allowed herself this pleasure. She allowed herself this longing for things that could never be. This man was not for her, but that didn’t mean she didn’t wish he was.

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