First Kiss Friday – Lust on The Rocks by Dianne Venetta

Today’s First Kiss Friday featured guest is Dianne Venetta, author of contemporary romance Lust on the Rocks.  Welcome Dianne!  Here’s the first kiss between Samantha Rawlings and Victor Marin.

“I like you, Sam.”

“Me, too,” she murmured.

“A lot.”

He skimmed the backs of his fingers along her temple, and every inch of her wanted to respond.  Balmy breeze, the heavy scent of ocean, romantic moonlight…  All he needed was to say the word.

“What are we going to do about it?” she asked, quieting her response, taming the exhilaration coursing through her.  She didn’t want to appear eager.  Interested, but not eager.

“I don’t know.”  He smiled.  “What I do know is I’m in a difficult position.”

Realization settled in, but she asked, “How so?”

Vic’s smile turned electric.  “My boss is sexier than any woman has a right to be.”

Careless to the schoolgirl grin lengthening across her face, she was captivated within the spotlight of his attention.  Which was crazy.  She was used to entertaining the hot-crackle-pop of new lovers, the tentative first beginnings, but for some reason, this one was different.

Not only snared, this one had her hooked, but good.

“Go on…”

“Not only stunning, her mind runs circles around most others.  A trait I find incredibly appealing in a woman.”

Doubt pushed in.  Should they do this?  Getting close to Vic was something she had been considering for a long time, her desire compounded after the incident with Selena.

But today she had drawn him closer—professionally speaking—and sex could change everything.  What would it do to their relationship?  Would sex ruin it?

He inched closer and excitement sprinted through her.

Or sweeten it?

“Is this wrong?” he asked, the delicate question swept closer by the brush of a breeze.

Sam didn’t know, but every fiber in her being wanted to find out.  She tipped her chin up, hair blowing about her face, and encouraged his next move.

Vic ran the pad of his finger along her lower lip, staring at them as he did so.  “You drive me insane with that mouth of yours.”

Her response was more a throaty groan than chuckle.

His eyes darted back and forth across hers.

Sam smiled.  With a hand to the back of his head, she pulled his face to hers.  They were both adults.  She’d had relationships with men on the job before and nothing had come of them, good or bad.  Hell, office romances were more common than the common cold!  If it didn’t work out, they could handle it.

Pleasure hummed along her senses.  She was sure of it.

Rubbing her lips back and forth across the satiny skin of his, the contact sent hot stabs of want through the soft folds of her loins.  Sam felt his warm breath grow shallow and leaned into the rock of his chest, welcoming his tongue as it delved inside, his arms as they slid around her back.

Moving her hands to his biceps, she luxuriated in the hard, round curve of his muscle, the sense of virility it exuded.  Her craving intensified.

Vic broke away, but not too far, keeping her secure in his grasp.  “You okay with this?” he asked, his eyes intense, probing.

“I’m okay, if you’re okay.”

She had had her share of lovers and wasn’t embarrassed to say so.  Much like a man, she had needs, enjoyed sex, and uninterested in commitment—or marriage—saw no problem with the arrangement of a casual affair.

“Once I get started I’m not gonna want to stop.”

“I hope not,” she said, anticipation welling.  She wanted to feel him, all of him.  From the rock of his chest as it pressed against her breasts to the supple skin of his lips, Sam wanted to experience all of this man.


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