First Kiss Friday – A Matter of Trust by MJ Flournoy

Today’s First Kiss Friday featured guest is MJ Flournoy, author of contemporary romance A Matter of Trust.  Welcome MJ!  Here’s the first kiss between Jolie Wyngate and Mac Carlson.


“Let me go, you big oaf!”

Instead of complying, he rolled with her again trapping beneath him.

Frustrated she drew back taking aim for another blow.

She targeted his face, trying to connect with his nose.

Clobber him, Maniac screeched. Wish I could get ahold of him.

Jolie didn’t trust the idea of the Maniac getting “ahold of him.”

He caught her hands, first one and then the other and pulled them over her head, trapping them with one large hand.  His breath stirred the loose tendrils of hair framing her face, teasing the tender skin of her neck.

With his other hand he began to explore her upper body intimately.

Maniac shrieked in outrage.

Trembling Jolie resumed her struggles, twisting and bucking she fought to dislodge the man who pinned with his weight.  Her effort futile, she could not free herself from his domination.

“Stay still, I just want to remove the wire.” Mac forced through gritted teeth.

Wire, what wire? 

“The only wire we’re wearing is from Victoria’s Secret.”

As suddenly as it had started, his assault ended.  He released her hands, slid off her and sat up.

Lean tanned fingers shoved through ruffled blonde hair with reckless impatience.  Before she could move away, his hand snaked out to capture hers, shackling her to his side.

“You’re not wearing a wire.”

“I could have told you that, it was hardly necessary to assault me.”

Again his hand raked his hair, but instead of encouraging a semblance of neatness, left it ruffled and falling over his brow.

Jolie scolded herself for noticing.

“You said we?”

“I did?”

“The only wire we’re wearing is from Victoria’s Secret?”

Jolie shrugged.


“Dammit, this makes no sense.  I’d have bet my life that you were not involved with Walters, and then you dropped a bombshell only he could’ve given you.”

He moved closer, so close that his nose was mere inches from her face.  His Paul Newman eyes bored into her.  He focused first on her eyes, and then allowed his gaze to drop to her lips.

Jolie couldn’t stop herself from darting her tongue out to moisten her lips.  Sudden fire blazed in his eyes when they followed the motion, then banked to smolder just beneath the surface of his arctic gaze.

“I can’t figure you out.” He moved closer still.  He filled her vision and her senses screamed overload.  Her body, no longer comatose from exertion, spiraled to vibrant life.  The scent of him filled her senses, her very being.

He closed the inches separating them, eyes ablaze.

Jolie held her breath.  His lips met hers, slowly brushing them.  With infinite care his lips glided, caressed, tasted, his tongue gently probed her lips.  Her eyes closed of their own volition.  His arms closed around her, pulling her into his embrace.

All thought fled under the heated onslaught of his kiss.  It was at once sweet and demanding, gentle, yet controlling.  For a moment, she let go of all questions, doubts and fears, allowing her body to go with the onslaught of his kiss.  It was torture and bliss, his desire bombarded her, sheer physical wanting inundated her as his body telegraphed its needs to hers.

He drew away and Jolie sensed his withdrawal in more than just the physical sense.  Once again cloaked, shuttered, a world unto himself, guarded from her.

Jolie felt alone, outside that world.  She sat for a moment in wonder.  What had just happened?  Why had she allowed him to kiss her?

Because he is totally hot, screamed Maniac.

Jolie lifted trembling fingers to her lips, found them swollen and tender from the onslaught of his kiss.  His taste lingered there, and she licked her tongue out to touch its’ tip to her tender lips, testing the slight tingling awareness lingering there.  She had not invited his kiss, yet strangely, she could not have resisted because his lips ignited a burning deep within her.  Her blood sang.  Her body responded.  Never had she experienced such overwhelming, blatant, raw sexual power.  It both attracted and repelled her.

Jolie blanched at the discovery.  Where Mac Carlson was concerned, she could not trust her own body not to betray her.


14 Responses to “First Kiss Friday – A Matter of Trust by MJ Flournoy

  • Hi, MJ! I love how Maniac is involved in this conversation/kiss. It adds an intriguing new dimension to a first kiss scene.

    • Barbara, the Maniac was a most intriguing character to write. So much so that she will be the heroine in the next book. That will be interesting since she is a disembodied voice!

  • Melba, Jolie and Mac’s first kiss is truly amazing. I felt all the tension leading up to the moment. Your imagery is perfect. I could see the fire smoldering under Mac’s artic gaze. Well done.

  • Thanks for the ‘hot’ intriguing scene from A Matter of Trust. You have to be a good writer to pull off the duel personality, Jolie/Maniac, thing. Of course, I must read the entire book.:)

  • Hi MJ –
    Thanks for sharing your first kiss and for being my guest!

  • OOOOH, YUM! fanning myself!

    • Marymarvella, hope you enjoyed the extra heat during the cold weather! Here in Georgia we’ve had quite a bit of snow and ice this week. Re-reading Jolie and Mac’s first kiss help me to thaw!

  • Laurel thanks for having me today. I hope everyone enjoys read about Mac & Jolie’s first kiss.

  • First kisses are sooooo important!

    • Right you are! They set the tone for the entire relationship. I love the tension leading up to that first kiss. There is nothing like the anticipation of wanting to experience that first kiss.

  • Laurel, it was a blast visiting with you! So glad you invited me. Hope everyone enjoyed Jolie and Mac’s first kiss. It only gets better from there!