First Kiss Friday – Three Hearts, One Town by Sarah Jae Foster

Today’s First Kiss Friday featured guest is Sarah Jae Foster, author of Christian Western romance Three Hearts, One Town.  Welcome back Sarah Jae!  Here’s the first kiss between Cameron Engel and Jake Collins.


Cameron noticed the vacant tables around them and saw Liam stacking dirty dishes onto the counter. “I hope we didn’t keep you.”

Liam peeled off his apron. “You two stay here any longer and I’ll put you to work washing up all these here dishes!”

That was it. They rushed out laughing heartily, the heavy mood lifting, which she was grateful for. They stopped at the bottom of the stairs. Cameron placed her finger to her lips and whispered, “Shhh.” The last thing she needed was for Lacey to get upset with her for waking up the guests.

Jake lifted her finger and placed her hand to his cheek. He closed his eyes as if to savor her touch. She stood there, stock still, for what seemed like eternity. When he opened his eyes, he gently pulled her close until their foreheads touched. She knew what he was doing—he was wrestling between letting her go, and keeping her with him. Waiting with suspense, she afraid to move. He lifted his face to search hers. If she didn’t let him know what she wanted, he’d walk out the door. Cameron stood up on her tiptoes to get herself kissed.

Without further hesitation he did kiss her, firmly, wrapping his arms around her waist, holding her steady yet protective of her wound. He eased her back into the stair rail while she bravely pulled herself into him, sliding her arms up and around his strong neck, feeling his muscled shoulders. Jake’s breathing increased, then suddenly he broke away.

“You don’t want this, Cameron.” He took a deep breath and slowly exhaled as if he could blow out the flames of her burning passion.

“Please don’t tell me what I want. Everyone tells me what I want. Mama told me that I wanted to come here. My brother tells me that I don’t want him or to be a part of his life, and now you. I do want you, Jake.” She would help him decide. “Please,” she appealed.

He shut his eyes, deliberating, wrestling, weighing. He knew if he searched her face, the act would wash away the last of his integrity, and worse, steal her purity. Cameron must have taken his silence as rejection because she roughly pushed him away and ran up the stairs. He placed his hand on the rail where her warmth still remained. It took him three seconds to decide to go up after her. Taking the steps in twos, he reached her door just as she did. He pulled her into him and kissed her mouth over and over, all the while fumbling with the door handle. When he got it open, he paused to give her one more chance to stop him. Cameron held his anxious gaze with her welcoming one and backed slowly into the room. He followed and clicked the door shut.

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