First Kiss Friday – Thoroughly Modern Amanda by Susan Macatee

Today’s First Kiss Friday featured guest is Susan Macatee, author of historical romance Thoroughly Modern Amanda.  Welcome Susan!  Here’s the first kiss between Amanda Montgomery and Jack Lawton.


“Your stepmother told me she returned to the future after being shot.” He brushed a hand over his chest. “I don’t like that idea much.”

“There must be another way.” She lifted a hand and laid it atop his. “I don’t like the idea of you being shot either.”

Jack held his breath. Her fingers rested over his heart. He grasped her hand, entwining their fingers.

Her face colored. “We should be getting inside. It must be near time for supper.”

“Wait.” Jack grasped her wrist to keep her from pulling away. “What about this Randolph? How do you feel about him?”

“I-I’m not sure. My stepmother says he’s not right for me.” She scowled.

“Because he’s old-fashioned?” Jack guessed.

She lifted her gaze to his. “Why do you say that?”

“It’s what your stepmother told me. Why she doesn’t want you to marry him.”

Amanda smiled. “Yes. He’s boorish and has outdated ideas. He believes a woman is only useful when she’s tending to her home, man, and children.”

“But you work for him.”

“It’s a great opportunity, such that it is.” She shrugged. “What about the women of your time?”

“They can do any type of job they want and are qualified for.” He grinned. “They even get to fly into space with the men.”

Amanda gasped. “You can’t be serious.” She lifted both hands to her mouth. “What a wonderful place to live!” She dropped her gaze and twisted her hands in her skirts. “But I’m sure with all those modern women to choose from, you’d have no interest in an old-fashioned girl like me.”

“Amanda…” Jack took both her hands in his. “I’ve never met anyone like you. When I first saw your photo—”

“My photo?” She frowned. “Where did you see it?”

“It was in the house where you found me, but in the future. It was hanging on the wall at the bottom of the stairs.”

“In the house Randolph is building?” Her lower lip trembled.

Jack leaned forward, unable to stop himself, and lightly brushed his lips over hers. She tasted sweet, like cinnamon and sugar.

She reared back, her lips in a firm line, but then opened, as he enfolded her pliant body in his arms. He stroked his hands around her back and pulled her as close as possible. Her heart beat swiftly, like a delicate, caged bird.

The kiss rocked him to his core. Although he’d dreamed of kissing those lush lips, the reality was so much better. An ache formed in his chest at the thought of going home and never seeing her again.

He finally released her. Her eyes looked a bit glazed, her lips swollen and her hair mussed. He bit his lip, wondering what reception they’d get at supper.


Amanda’s knees weakened as a thrill raced through her body. No man had ever kissed her like that. Of course, she hadn’t had much opportunity with other men. And had never allowed Randolph to get so close.

She gazed into Jack’s eyes. His lips twisted into an adorable half-smile, his eyes bright, face flushed. Had he felt the same thing she had?

“Are you okay, Amanda?” His smile turned down into a frown.

“I-I think so.” She touched her lips, the sensation of his pressed against hers still with her. She was also very aware of his male scent. If she didn’t fear someone would discover them, she’d fling her arms around him for another round of kisses.


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