First Kiss Friday – The Loyal Heart by Merry Farmer

Today’s First Kiss Friday featured guest is Merry Farmer, author of  medieval romance The Loyal Heart.  Welcome Merry!  And I’d also like to wish Merry a very happy birthday!  Today is her birthday.  🙂  Here’s the first kiss between Aubrey and Crispin.

“You’re awfully quiet,” she broke the silence when they were in the stairwell.

He cleared his throat in vain.  “I have nothing to say.”  It was true.  He didn’t want to say anything.

“Oh.”  She sounded disappointed. 

They continued up the stairs and along the hallway in silence.  When they reached her room Aubrey entered and started to shut the door behind her.  He stopped it from closing and stepped inside.

She turned and sighed at his boldness, crossing her arms.  “I did not invite you in.”

“Aubrey, I-”

“I thought you didn’t have anything to say.”  One eyebrow quirked up over flashing eyes.  She stood firm but didn’t order him out.

 He left the door open as he approached her.  The smooth line of her shoulder stood out in sharp relief against the lightning-split sky.  His mouth watered to taste the salt of her skin.  “Buxton has agreed to our marriage.  He has set a date.  Saturday.”

He searched her eyes for panic, fear, rejection.  He found steel.  “Buxton has given his consent.”  She repeated his statement with a flat stare, crossing her arms.

“Yes, he-”

“Buxton.”  She blew out a breath and shook her head.

Her hair had dried and spilled over her shoulder in warm brown waves.  One curling lock had settled between her breasts as she crossed her arms.  He couldn’t remember what she had said.  “Is something the matter?” 

“Do you have to ask his permission to piss?”

The question withered the coil of heat in his gut.  “He gave me land and a position of power and respect.”  He couldn’t meet her eyes as he gave his worn excuse.

She took a step towards him.  “That’s in the past.  How much control does he have now?”  He turned away.  She didn’t give him time to gather his raging thoughts into an answer.  “Could the Council of Nobles really vote to take Windale from you?”

His eyes snapped up to meet hers at the apparent change of subject.  Suspicion constricted his throat.  “Theoretically the Council could overturn any decision Buxton has made if they have the support of the crown.  But it isn’t likely.  Buxton has most of the nobles in his pocket and Prince John is his friend.”

“And what about you?”  She took another step towards him.  The fire in his blood flared again.  “Does he have you in his pocket?”

Yes.  He did.  The truth twisted his stomach. 

“No,” he answered her, stepping closer.  She was a breath away, eyes flaring up to meet his.  He could feel the heat of her anger spark the air between them.  “Buxton does not control me.”

“Then do something!” she seethed, gripping his arms as if she could steer the course of the world through his muscles.  “Stop placating him.  Set my friends free whether he gives his permission or not.  Don’t let him-”

His mouth crashed over hers before she could finish.  He pulled her against him, one arm tight around her waist while the other cradled the back of her head.  Her body was rigid in his arms as he tasted her, curled his fingers in her hair.  She shuddered and her fingers dug into his biceps as he softened his kiss, teasing his tongue across hers, nipping at her lips.  The hand on her waist caressed lower, splaying on the contour of her bottom, between her legs, pressing her hips up against his.  He tipped her chin up and lowered his hungry mouth to her neck, licking her fiery pulse.  Her nails burrowed harder and the groan from deep in her throat snapped him to his senses.

Gasping Crispin stepped back, pressing his wrist to his mouth and whipping away from her.  “I’m sorry,” he panted, “That was inappropriate.”  His voice was gruff with shame as he tore past her. 

“Crispin-”  She called his name as he fled into the hall, slamming the door behind him.


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