First Kiss Friday – My Daring Highlander by Vonda Sinclair

Today’s First Kiss Friday guest is Vonda Sinclair, author of historical romance My Daring Highlander.  Welcome back Vonda!  Vonda will be giving away an ebook copy of My Daring Highlander to one lucky commenter, so be sure to leave a comment!  Here’s the first kiss between Keegan and Seona.

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In the near darkness, the rattle of Keegan’s belt startled her. What was he about? A moment later, a warm wool plaid surrounded her like a blanket. He pulled it around her and attached it beneath her chin with the brooch that had been fastened at his shoulder.

He had disrobed for her? Her face heated. “I cannot take your plaid.”

“Aye, you can and you will. I’ll not have you freezing to death on my watch.” He belted his weapons about his waist again.

“I wouldn’t freeze this time of year.” Though it was May, late spring in the far north of Scotland was much cooler than it was further south, where she’d grown up.

Keegan still wore a long linen shirt that reached almost to his knees, but to have taken his plaid… she couldn’t be so stingy.

“We could share this plaid,” she suggested.

She could only see an outline of him and the dim glow of his shirt in the night, but somehow she knew he was observing her, or trying to.

“I’m plenty warm,” he murmured, his voice husky. He withdrew his sword from the scabbard and turned his head. “Tell me if you hear anything.”

“Very well.” She knew he needed to concentrate on listening for enemies, but the time they had alone was rare and precious. After several minutes of peaceful silence, she felt it safe to whisper, “Earlier, you were going to tell me what you wished for.” She but wanted to know more about him, to learn who he was on the deepest level.

He turned to face her, his breathing close. She perceived his outline in the dim moonlight, but not his features or expression.

“I shouldn’t tell you,” he finally said.

“Why not?” Now, her curiosity was piqued. She wished to know all Keegan’s secrets.

“I’m not sure you would like it,” he murmured in a warning tone.

“Why? Do you wish to be an outlaw?” Could he have such shocking aspirations?

He gave a brief, low chuckle. “Nay.”

“What, then?”

After a long, tense moment of silence, he stepped closer and placed a hand on her shoulder, then ran it into her unbound hair. He drew nearer still, his breath teasing the skin of her face.

“Seona,” he whispered against her forehead, then kissed her there. “This.” Slowly, he kissed her temple, her cheek. “This is what I wish for.”

All the breath left her and she could not draw more in. The kisses on her face created tingles that spread quickly throughout her entire body.

Lightly, he brushed his warm, tempting lips over hers. Her eyes slid closed for surely she had drifted into a dream world.

With his thumb, he gently stroked her face and jaw line. His lips were firm, but at the same time, soft and smooth. The short, rough whiskers on his chin scratched against her tender skin, but it wasn’t painful; it excited her and made her realize how very masculine he was.

His insistent lips compelled her to return his kiss, though she knew not how. She had never been kissed before, but she followed her instincts, pressing her lips against his and mimicking his movements.

“Mmm,” he breathed and kissed her more firmly. His lips nipped at hers, snatching her thoughts and scattering them to the breeze. When he touched the tip of his tongue to her lips, as if he wanted to taste her, a sound escaped her before she could stop it. Heavens! His tongue felt wicked. She wished he would do it again.

Trying to figure out how kissing worked, she parted her lips. He growled and darted his tongue into her mouth. That sultry move stole the strength from her legs, but she held on around his neck. Her breasts and other, lower, parts of her body tingled with a strange magic. What was happening to her?

Keegan tore his mouth away from hers. “Listen.” He turned his head toward the north.

She held her breath, trying to listen. With her heartbeat thumping in her ears, she could perceive naught.

Finally, she heard it. In the distance, horses’ hooves pounded, louder and louder…


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