Lady Aurora of Acquitaine, heroine of Angel’s Assassin

Angel's Assassin by Laurel O'DonnellI’d like to welcome everyone to the Angel’s Assassin Week.  It truly is an honor that you are interested in my story.  It is a story of love and redemption.  Of course, I had my doubts at first. 

I suppose I should introduce myself.  I am Aurora, Lady of Acquitaine.  I try to be a fair ruler and judge with patience.  Damien keeps me in check these days.  I used to wear myself out taking care of everyone.  I remember days where I would sit in the judgment chair from morn til eve, or at least until I heard all the petitions and complaints.  Now, Damien makes me stick to a schedule.  When the time to hear petitions is over, he stalks into the hall, so brooding and commanding that my poor people cower.  I can only smile at him.  And when I do, his scowl eases and erases and he is transformed into the Damien I love.  My people don’t know his true nature.  They don’t know what a wonderful man he is.  I suppose it is his black eyes that scare many of them.  Or maybe that perpetual frown.  One can hardly blame him.  His past was brutal and hard.  His father sold he and his brother, Gawyn, into slavery when they were young.  He spent many years on that slave ship and even darker years under Warin Roke’s tutorage.  The marks left on Damien’s back from the lashings he received are horrible.  Damien won’t talk about it. 

Despite all of this, Damien has turned out to be a wonderful ruler.  The knights respect his skill.  And he is skilled.  Extremely so.  In hand to hand combat, with a sword…and most notably in bed. 

Where does our story start?  When Damien saved me from an assassin right in the center of Acquitaine’s square.  Even then, there was a connection between us.  He calmed my fear.  I saw safety in his black eyes.  I wanted to be with him, wrapped in his strong arms.  I knew he was a hero, even though he didn’t.  It took a little convincing, but I think I won on that account.

Tomorrow, the Prologue to Angel’s Assassin will be posted.  You can see for yourself what Damien had to endure.  I hope you enjoy it and come back for the rest of this celebratory week which will culminate on July 3rd when Angel’s Assassin will be released for your reading pleasure.

Damien and I have come through a lot.  I can only say that he is the Angel’s Assassin.

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