Romance Novels Sample Saturday featuring A Knight of Honor

Here is a sample excerpt from my medieval romance action adventure novel A Knight of Honor

An attack is thwarted, but the mystery only deepens:

Taylor turned to help Jared battle the last man standing.  He swung an ax at Jared, and Jared ducked at the last moment, letting the blade whoosh over his head.  From his crouched position, Jared thrust his sword.  The blade bounced uselessly off of the man’s armor.

Taylor swung at the man, catching him in his shoulder.  He yelped and swung the ax sharply at her, but she sidestepped the whistling blade and the ax buried itself into the ground.  Taylor lashed out with her foot, kicking the man back.

Jared finished the man with a blow to his side.  The blade pierced a gap in the attacker’s armor, and the man froze for a second before plummeting to the earth like a fallen tree.

Taylor whirled toward the forest, looking for any other attackers.  But no one emerged.

“Are you all right?” Jared asked breathlessly.

Taylor nodded, turning to him.  Her gaze swept her friend for any wounds, but there were none.  When her heart stopped racing and she allowed her battle lust to fade, she knelt down by the fallen man and pushed him over onto his back.  His face was covered with a black cloth, giving him the unnerving appearance of an executioner.  She checked his armor and the coal-black tunic that covered it.  She looked up at Jared.  “No crest,” she announced.

“What the hell is going on?” Jared demanded.

With one swift movement, Taylor ripped the mask from the man’s face.  She had half expected to know him on sight.  But she had never seen the face that was revealed.  She ran her blade across the mask she held in her hand, wiping it clean of blood.  She turned to Jared, her eyes dark with determination.  “That’s what I’m going to find out,” she vowed.



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