Romance Novels Sample Saturday featuring Midnight Shadow

Here is a sample from one of my romance novelsMidnight Shadow

A mysterious stranger arrives at the castle:

Suddenly, the pounding of horses’ hooves sounded in the courtyard.  She glanced down from her seat on the window ledge as a group of five soldiers thundered in.

They came to a halt in the middle of the inner ward and dismounted.  One man gave orders.  Bria couldn’t hear the words, only the resonance of his voice echoing off the castle walls.  The men moved to obey his commands.  The leader stood, his hands planted on his hips, gazing up at the keep.  He reached up to slide his chain mailed hood from his head.  Flowing black hair fell about his shoulders.

Bria squinted, trying to make out the man’s face, but he was too far away and the night was too dark.  She shrugged slightly.  Rude of him to be coming this late at night, Bria thought.  Her father was in bed and couldn’t welcome him properly.

As if to confirm her thoughts, her father’s personal servant rushed out in a long night dress to greet the leader, bowing humbly.  One of the soldiers moved to the leader’s side.  Together they turned to gaze at her.

Bria straightened her shoulders.  If she’d been closer, she would have been able to see his face, his eyes.  As it was, she could see neither.  But his gaze pinned her where she sat.  Strangely, a tingle raced along her shoulder blades.

He gazed at her for a long moment and then turned toward the servant.  After a moment, he followed the servant up the stairs and into the keep.

Bria watched until he’d disappeared inside the doors and they were closed behind him.  She narrowed her eyes slightly, wondering who the arrogant lord was.  She hoped he wasn’t another suitor, but she knew he was.



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