Valentine’s Day Author Hop! Spend the Week With Your Favorite Hero!

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I’m Damien from Angel’s Assassin.  I used to be an assassin, but I was changed to a hero by an angel, by the love of my life.  Aurora.  She thinks I saved her.  But really, she saved me.  You don’t know our story?  Grab yourself a copy of Angel’s Assassin and read all about it!

Our story has garnished numerous awards – Winner of the Happily Ever After Contest, Winner of the 2013 Heart of Excellence Award, Winner of the 2013 International Digital Award.


Here’s what some are saying about it –

This is the quintessential historical romance–practically perfect in every way. – Ruth A. Hill

Angel’s Assassin is how Historical Romance is supposed to be. – D. Ann

Angel’s Assassin is a great read. It brings back the time of knights, their ladies, and a time of chivalry. It’s definitely a keeper. – Two Lips Reviews


Angels Assassin cover version2 200x304I don’t know about that, but what I can tell you is Aurora saved me from a very dark place.  She is my light and I love her with all my soul.

So, you want to know a little about me?  There’s not much to tell.


What is your strength?

My strength?  I was good at killing.  I was trained as an assassin, not something I’m proud of.  I’m also a pretty good bodyguard.  I always trust my instinct, I guess that could be a strength, too.


What is your weakness?

My only weakness is Aurora.  I would do anything for her.  Anything to keep her safe.  Sometimes, her presence is a distraction to me.  I could look at her all day, but that distracts me from my duties, whether they are to protect her or help her rule.


What would you like to get on Valentine’s Day?

I could ask for nothing else than what I have.  Aurora chose me.  And sometimes, I still can’t believe it and I find myself wondering why.  What did I do to deserve her?  I don’t know, but I don’t ask for anything else.  I have everything I could have ever wanted.


What would be your perfect date?

I love the water.  So, my perfect date would be a picnic by the water, a lake or ocean, at sunset.  Why sunset?  Because I could watch the way the light played over Aurora’s hair.  And she likes sunsets.  So, that would be my perfect date.  Alone with the woman I love.


What are you giving the heroine for Valentine’s Day?

She has repeatedly told me that I don’t have to get her anything.  But I know Aurora.  She would not be disappointed if I didn’t get her anything, but she would be delighted if I did.  And I always want to please her.  So, of course I am going to get her something.  But I don’t know what.  I don’t have much time.  Can you help me?  What do you think I could get her for Valentine’s Day?  Maybe I can get an idea.  Write it in the comments section below with your email and subscribe to Laurel’s mailing list and I will pick one person with the best answer and that person will receive a $10 Amazon gift card.

My brother, Gawyn, said I should give her one magical night under the stars, just the two of us.  I didn’t want to tell him, but we already did that.

What do you think?  What can I give her?


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17 Responses to “Valentine’s Day Author Hop! Spend the Week With Your Favorite Hero!

  • I think Damien should get Aurora a sailboat so they can go for intimate sunset cruises…..

  • Dinner on the balcony during sunset with all her favorite foods!

    susanmplatt AT hotmail DOT com

  • I loved Terran!!!

  • But your hero today is Damien!

  • Wow! What a terrific idea for a Rafflecopter contest! I haven’t read Angel’s Assassin yet, but I went and bought it from Amazon just now. I’m excited about meeting new-to-me authors on this hop. Thanks! [email protected]

  • Hard one but jewelry is always a great gift for valentines…my hubby gave me an engagement ring… (diamond shaped like a heart) long ago and gives me something new yearly…

  • A secret cottage by a river so yall cab steal away for special meals and time together

  • I think he should get her a new dress and some of her favorite flowers.

  • I haven’t read the book but it seems to me that since she is a ruler she has the money to buy just about any thing that she could ever want. So I think that the most precious, romantic and heart felt gift would be something that he made himself for her. I a hand strung necklace. Since it is Medieval times I doubt that he would be into reciting or writing poetry for her, but that would also be something that he could do. Just something that would show yhe depth of his love her rather than the depth of his wallet or purse. [email protected]

  • Another magical night under the stars!!????

  • An intimate dinner in front of the fire where you give her a heart shaped pendant

  • It’s fixed!!

  • I think a nice sunset dinner cruise would be nice.

  • I entered one of my answers wrong! Oops!

  • You could paint her a sunset…

  • I think you should get her a diamond star (or maybe a sapphire star) to remind her of your night together under the stars.