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Romance Book Giveaway!

Add a new swoon-worthy series to your reading list! You can win my book, A Knight With Grace, as well as 60 exciting romance series starters. Enter for your chance to win!

The Highland Knight’s Revenge by Lori Ann Bailey!

Book 4 in the Midsummer Knight series is available now! Grab yourself a copy and join us in the tournament!

Historical Romance Giveaway!

Win up to 20 historical romance ebooks or paperbacks!

Book 3! The Highlander’s Dare by Eliza Knight!

Book 3 in the Midsummer Knight series, The Highlander’s Dare by Eliza Knight, is now available! Get it now!

Book 2! Madeline Martin’s The Highlander’s Lady Knight!

Available now! Book 2 in the Midsummer Knights series! Madeline Martin’s The Highlander’s Lady Knight!

Free for a Limited Time!

Grab A Knight Amid Thorns! Free until April 21st! The blooming of the rare and mysterious blue rose heralds great change, for when the buds open to full blossom enemies become lovers. Some fear this omen, some desire it. All respect it. Discover the power–and the promise–of the blue rose for yourself.