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First Kiss Friday – Amethyst by Elizabeth Rose

Today’s First Kiss Friday featured guest is Elizabeth Rose, author of Historical romance Amethyst- Book 4, Daughter of the Dagger series.  Welcome Liz!  Here’s the first kiss between Amethyst de Burgh and Marcus. Marcus walked over to Amethyst slowly, delighting in watching her squirm. He stalked her like a wildcat stalking his prey, and this was very exciting […]

Find of the Week! Historical romance for 99 cents!

There Your Heart Will Be Also by Felicia Rogers Historical romance 99 cents!  

Inspirational Quote Monday! #14 of 2015

First Kiss Friday – Only for You by Sherry Ewing

Today’s First Kiss Friday featured guest is Sherry Ewing, author of historical romance Only for You.  Welcome Sherry!  Here’s the first kiss between Katherine de Deveraux and Riorden. He reached for a goblet of wine and took a sip until his attention immediately flew to her over the cup rim. There was such intense longing in his gaze […]

Find of the Week! Wolf’s Castle – 99 cents!

Only 99 cents! Wolf’s Castle by Madelyn Hill

Find of the Week! Medieval Romance only 99 cents!

Only 99 cents!  Medieval romance by best selling author!  Beast by Kathryn Le Veque