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Birthday Contest!  Win an Audiobook!

Birthday Contest! Win an Audiobook!

It’s my birthday this week!  As a celebration to all my fans, I’ve decided to run a contest.  One lucky winner will win an audio copy of The Angel and The Prince!  In order to be entered, there’s only 2 things you need to do – 1. Comment and wish me a Happy Birthday 2. […]

First Kiss Friday – Deceptive Hearts by Cynthia Owens

Today’s First Kiss Friday featured guest is Cynthia Owens, author of historical romance Deceptive Hearts.  Welcome back Cynthia!  Here’s the first kiss between Shane MacDermott and Lydia Daniels. Her breath caught in her throat, making her feel dizzy and faint. The blazing canopy of leaves above her whirled crazily. “Please,” she whispered, wondering what she begged […]


For this, the final research blog I will be writing for the month, I found something spectacular for you!  And, of course, for me.  During my search for jousting for my new novel, A True Knight, I found a really good article at the Classical Fencing website, entitled Saddle, Lance and Stirrup – An Examination […]

Inspirational Quote Monday! #29 of 2013

Inspirational Quote Monday! #29 of 2013

It’s Inspirational Quote Monday! Here’s the quote for the week – “Go where you are celebrated – not tolerated. If they can’t see the real value of you, it’s time for a new start.” – Unknown  

First Kiss Friday – The Marquess of Cake by Heather Hiestand

Today’s First Kiss Friday featured guest is Heather Hiestand, author of historical romance The Marquess of Cake.  Welcome Heather!  Here’s the first kiss between Alys Redcake and the Marquess of Hatbrook. “Do you know, it was your ankles that attracted me when we first met.” Alys found it hard to take a breath. “My ankles?” “Yes. […]

A Knight’s Armor

I’ve always found it fascinating the order in which a knight put on his armor.  Seriously, think about it.  He couldn’t just put the metal against his skin.  Imagine the chafing! All in all, it would take a knight and his squire about fifteen minutes to put on full plate armor.  This is based on […]