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First Kiss Friday – License to Nerd by Chris Redding

Today’s First Kiss Friday featured guest is Chris Redding, author of contemporary novel License to Nerd.  Welcome Chris!  Here’s the first kiss between Madison West and Peter Quincy. “We lose him?” “Most likely. Let’s get back to hotel.” When they returned to the hotel, Q booted up his laptop. “What are you doing?” “Getting us a flight to […]

Great Deal! Only 99 cents!

A great writer, a great deal.  What more can be said? The Rover Betrayed by Anna Markland  

Inspirational Quote Monday! #8 of 2015

First Kiss Friday – Trancing the Tiger by Rachael Slate

Today’s First Kiss Friday featured guest is Rachael Slate, author of fantasy romance Trancing the Tiger.  Welcome Rachael!  Here’s the first kiss between Sheng and Lucy. Need to touch her. Before he could stop the urge, his fingers stretched out to stroke her cheek. She tensed, but allowed the caress. Fuck, yeah. He edged forward, careful to keep […]

Only 99 cents! Great Deal!

Barbara Samuel delivers again.  Lucien’s Fall is only 99 cents!

Inspirational Quote Monday! #7 of 2015